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Retail & Distribution

How Cegid Retail Store Excellence enhances stores’ current retail technology stack

Chapter 3 ‘How Cegid Retail Store Excellence enhances stores’ current retail technology stack’ we will guide Retail Operations and IT colleagues through the Retail Technology you already have instore and… Learn more

Ebook 25 October 2022

Human Resources

Use Talent Ecosystems to Enhance Your Workforce

As per Gartner®, “talent shortages erode organizations' digital business progress and directly impact the bottom line”. Discover how traditional, linear recruitment and management no longer suffice. Learn more

Ebook 24 October 2022

Human Resources

IDC report – The latest technologies to recruit better

Al-driven automation intelligence, internal mobility, analytics and talent funnels … Which are the essential capabilities to improve hiring strategy maturity? How can technology serve the HR strategy and then company… Learn more

Study 21 October 2022

Talent Management

Is quiet quitting a new phenomenon or just a new label for an old problem?

What is quiet quitting ? Is it really a new concept or just a new label for an old concept ? We investigated further.

Article 18 October 2022 6 min

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Retail & Distribution

Paris Retail Week 2022 unravels changes in retail

Cegid reports on the key trends identified at Paris Retail Week 2022. Occupation: Retail & Distribution

Article 17 October 2022 4 min

Retail & Distribution

Cegid Retail Live Store wins best Omnichannel Commerce solution at the Paris Retail Week Awards 2022

For many retailers working with Cegid, empowering store associates remains a top priority. So much so that Cegid Retail Live Store has been awarded the prestigious industry accolade of winning…

Article 7 October 2022 2 min

Human Resources

Wittyfit joins Cegid

Wittyfit was recently acquired by Cegid and becomes Wittyfit, A Cegid Company, to open a new chapter in its history today, with you and for you. Learn more

Barometer 15 September 2022

Retail & Distribution

Discover Cegid Retail Store Excellence

Increase the productivity and performance of your store teams with our new retail operations platform. Learn more

Report 13 September 2022

Retail & Distribution

Éric Briones: “Luxury takes us beyond the limits.”

How Gen Z and the covid crisis redefined luxury. What is the future for the industry and how did it overcome the recent challenges? Eric Briones describes how brands can…

Article 5 September 2022 4 min

Retail & Distribution

Building a Business case | Weighing the Retail Ops Options

Weighing up the retail ops options’ will help you explore the options available to you so you can make an informed decision for the right reasons. Learn more

Ebook 18 August 2022

Retail & Distribution

How to win backers and influence leaders

In chapter 3 ‘How to win backers and influence people’ we’ve pulled together some of the tips we’ve learned in the 8 years we’ve been helping our customers write compelling… Learn more

Ebook 18 August 2022