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Retail & Distribution

5 Big Retail Technology Takeaways From The NRF Big Show You Should Not Ignore

Gain an insight into the future of retail technology and shopping with 5 key takeaways from NRF's Big Show 2020; the biggest retail event of the year.

Posts 30 January 2020 4 min

Human Resources

Developing and implementing a successful HR strategy in 6 steps

Developing an effective human resource strategy takes time and careful planning. Whether you want to increase your profit margin, grow the company or revolutionise with…

Article 4 January 2020 4 min

Talent Management

Onboarding New Hires – Marylène Bélanger-Grenier, CRHA / CHRP

According to a recent study by LinkedIn, 22% of all new hires are leaving after the first 45 days. Recruiters and HRDs alike have all been asking the same question:…

Article 2 January 2020 6 min

Retail & Distribution

Increase sales with Mobile POS

The goal is to smooth out the shopping process and offer a seamless experience. Adopting a mobile in-store solution will allow your sales staff to be better equipped and create… Learn more

Report 31 December 2019

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Retail & Distribution

5 Key Retail Trends to Watch for at NRF’s January 2020 Big Show

Get ready for NRF 2020 with our checklist of the show’s key themes and speakers. Cegid has also designed 3 curated events to meet you in NYC. Register today!

Posts 18 December 2019 4 min

Retail & Distribution

The IHL OMS Market Guide 2019

OMS vendors in the spotlight: Retailers looking to invest in an Order Management System (OMS) will find a wealth of information in this analytical report from IHL Group, published in… Learn more

Guide 16 December 2019

10 recruitment campaign ideas from the best

A recruitment campaign could be just what you need to capture the attention of those talented individuals you want to work for your business.

Article 10 December 2019 7 min

Retail & Distribution

How people counting solutions can boost retail store performance

How can smart people counting solutions boost store performance? See how in the Cegid Innovation Store with Find out the answers with STACKR, a people counting specialist.

Article 29 November 2019 3 min

Retail & Distribution

Cegid Innovation Store: Payments also need to move into the Omnichannel era

Thanks to an ongoing multi-year partnership, Cegid and Adyen have created a powerful mobile payment solution. Find out more at the Cegid Innovation Store.

Article 31 October 2019 3 min

Talent Management

Rebooting Recruitment for the Tech Sector

It’s no secret that tech is one of the most exciting industries to work in today. Jobs that once seemed to only be of interest to nerdy, socially stunted computer…

Article 30 October 2019 4 min

Talent Management

Retail: Big Changes In Store for HR Management

More than ever, recruiting, training and motivating salespeople to retain and refine their on-the-job performance can provide retailers with a significant competitive advantage.

Posts 30 October 2019 3 min