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June 2024 – Launch

Elevate your potential with AI

With Cegid Pulse, Cegid innovates in management solutions to elevate the potential of businesses thanks to artificial intelligence at the service of every industry​

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A powerful ally for your efficiency and creativity.

Cegid Pulse offers a new way of working with Cegid’s business management solutions.

Imagine a set of intelligent agents at your service that allows you to interact in natural language with the company’s data and management tools thanks to the incredible power of generative AI.

Embedded with our solutions, Cegid Pulse becomes the beating heart of your organization. It relies on the wealth of your company’s information and Cegid management applications to assist you in your daily tasks, connect and simplify your processes, advise you based on the latest information, alert you in the event of a problem and suggest various actions to remedy it. It works at your side and increases the collective intelligence of your entire business.

What if the best of artificial intelligence were at the service of your job ?​

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Our vision​

With Cegid Pulse, live a new experience

At Cegid, our ambition is to help you elevate your potential through innovative and useful management solutions. Our solutions are co-created with our clients, based on best practices in your profession and inspired by your use cases. They leverage a set of artificial intelligence agents to help you make better choices, act faster, and reach your full potential: you improve the way you work with the support of Cegid Pulse, that not only protects your unique know-how but amplifies it.

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An ordinary tool to do extraordinary things.

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Artificial intelligence at Cegid

A set of intelligent agents at your service​

Cegid Pulse agents are seamlessly integrated into your applications & business processes. Find out more about concrete applications.

Save time and reduce errors.

Today, AI has the potential to automate tasks which take up 60 to 70 percent of employees’ time. It automates repetitive tasks by eliminating human errors. It rapidly analyzes large amounts of data, identifies anomalies, and can predict problems before they occur, contributing to proactive management that saves time for focusing on more complex activities.

Key applications:

  • Billing
  • Accounting, CPA
  • Financial management, tax management
  • Payroll & administrative management

Develop the potential and flexibility of organizations.

Cegid Pulse assists in making faster, more informed decisions by providing real-time personalized analysis on large volumes of information about your customers and your business data. It also enables employees to realize their full potential by assisting them in their daily tasks while facilitating their learning and capacity to engage in new areas, which promotes organizational flexibility.

Key applications:

  • Analytics and reporting
  • Treasury and financial analysis
  • Operational management
  • Retail
  • Talent management

Improve customer experience and competitiveness.

AI can gain a deep understanding of customer preferences and behaviors thanks to its analytical and learning capabilities. It allows for an increased personalization of customer relations, improves the shopping experience, and provides more visibility on your inventory and logistic constraints: you become more efficient and improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs.

Key applications:

  • Retail, omnichannel management
  • Sales management
  • Customer relationship and support
  • Inventory management and logistics

What makes us unique

Cegid Pulse leverages a set of reliable artifical intelligence agents, trained to meet your challenges​

With Cegid Pulse, Cegid combines the power of AI models with world-class infrastructure and the vast volume of business management data processed daily by our clients, to create secure, relevant solutions in your profession, compliant with the specific regulatory context of your activity.

Integrated AI​

Cegid Pulse agents seamlessly integrate into your applications & business processes.​

You don’t have to throw away your existing software, add a new AI layer, or a new platform.

AI at your service​

Cegid Pulse drives multiple AI agents with specific knowledge and skills, enabling efficient task allocation and better management of complex processes specific to your job.

Reliable AI​

Cegid is at the forefront of security and compliance in countries regulated bu the EU and has put all its expertise into integrating Cegid Pulse into your solutions in line with these requirements.

Data quality is central to Cegid’s AI solutions

The reliability and quality of artificial intelligence largely depend on the richness of context and data supplied for its operation.​

By analyzing the millions of transactions we process daily for our clients, our engineers have developed Cegid Pulse, which drives the AI agents best suited to your usage and profession.

How to prepare

Cegid supports the transformation of your activity

Artificial intelligence has the potential to radically transform your processes, organization, and the way you work. It also poses risks when poorly mastered and framed within the company’s practices. Cegid is by your side to confidently adopt AI in your activity, following a few simple principles:

Invest in your talents

Cegid helps you identify and retain critical talent, and to develop the training of your employees to equip them with the necessary skills to work alongside AI.

Make security a priority

Artificial intelligence processes sensitive data. Our solutions deployed on Microsoft Azure provide you with the computing power and the highest level of security essential for serene use of AI.

Establish guidelines

Cegid helps you set up robust mechanisms to protect your information, ensure compliance with regulations applicable in your profession, and assure ethical use of AI.

Explore and scale

We integrate new capabilities into our solutions progressively, allowing you to explore their benefits for your activity before deciding to deploy them on a large scale.

The Cegid experience

Artificial Intelligence at the service of your customer experience

At Cegid, the first users of AI are our employees. It not only allows us to be more efficient, but it also amplifies our efforts to provide you with better service and remain always attentive to your needs for pragmatic solutions, tailored to your uses.

Discover the solutions

Effective solutions available today

Today, you can experience the power of AI by adopting the latest generation of our management solutions, embedding Cegid Pulse. The enrichment of its AI agents is part of the regular evolution schedule of our SaaS solutions, so you can benefit from them as quickly as possible. ​

Cegid Notilus

Cegid Notilus is the digital solution to help businesses manage and control their employees' travel expenses, such as reservations, expenses…

  • Vehicle fleet and travel expense management
  • Expense report digitization
  • Travel reservations and organization
  • Vehicle fleet management

Cegid Wittyfit

Cegid Wittyfit is a Cloud solution that captures the feelings and commitment of your teams, to improve the employee experience.

  • Measure employee engagement
  • Prevent psychosocial risks
  • Manage effective action plans
  • Based on a scientific method

Boby, A Cegid Company

Reinvent the way you manage your administrative tasks and save 4 hours a week so you can concentrate on your…

  • Dictate your estimates verbally: automatic generation
  • Create compliant quotes and invoices tailored to the construction sector
  • Improve your cash flow (payment on site, etc.)
  • Easy to use, no training required

Cegid Contasimple

This is the invoicing software allowing you to create invoices in 10 seconds, manage your accounting, and calculate your taxes.

  • Easily create invoices with customizable templates
  • Monitor key data of your business
  • Keep official accounting registers
  • Generate your tax forms with just one click

Turn your words into quotes

Boby presents the first Intelligent Assistant specially designed for building artisans.
Forget your pencils and keyboards: dictate your quotes aloud and let the assistant generate your documents! The assistant can understand you in any language. Ready to see magic work?

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