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Retail & Distribution

Retail Excellence for Luxury Experience 2024

Discover the next frontier of luxury retail in our latest report, Retail Excellence for Luxury Experience. Uncover the pivotal role of AI technology, the emergence of key markets such as… Learn more

Ebook 27 February 2024

Retail & Distribution

The Top 5 Challenges Facing Retailers in 2024

From profitability in the face of economic uncertainty to maximising the power of data and AI, download your copy of the top 5 challenges facing retailers in 2024 Learn more

Ebook 1 February 2024

Retail & Distribution

Protect your retail business from Cyberattacks

Unlock this cybersecurity guide to uncover the cybersecurity threats facing specialty retailers, explore the best practices to protect your retail business, and understand how Cegid can help mitigate these risks. Learn more

Ebook 14 September 2023

Talent Management

Planning your company’s future for 2024 : Expectations have changed. Is your HR strategy adjusted ?

For HR departments, it’s a real challenge to adapt to the new labor market, in order to recruit the best talents, retain them and keep them! Learn more

Ebook 14 September 2023

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Talent Management

What are the new expectations of employees?

For a successful and optimized employee experience, discover in this eBook what the new aspirations and new ways of working in companies are. Learn more

Ebook 12 May 2023

Retail & Distribution

A Digital Blueprint for Retail Businesses in Mainland China

Download this ebook to understand more about IT and digital retail footprint for retailers in Mainland China. Learn more

Ebook 31 March 2023

Retail & Distribution

4 ways retailers can elevate the in-store CX with tech

This guide explores 4 ways that retail CIOs can elevate the CX with tech and the tactics to consider when defining their CX strategy. Learn more

Ebook 30 March 2023

Talent Management

HR professionals: 10 essential trends to leverage in 2023

Which ones will influence you this year? Data driven, internal mobility or intangible payroll: what are the 10 HR trends to know and master in 2023? Learn more

Ebook 22 March 2023

Retail & Distribution

7 Top Retail Trends for 2023

Every year, Cegid anticipates the trends and challenges facing the retail industry and adapts its roadmap to address them. It’s clear that retailers need modern, open and scalable retail management solutions… Learn more

Ebook 6 February 2023

Retail & Distribution

Retail Excellence for Luxury Experience

Unlock Cegid’s latest luxury report and discover 4 key steps to delivering the ultimate luxury CX. Learn more

Ebook 18 January 2023

Retail & Distribution

Retail Activity Planner

Cegid Retail Store Excellence, the first choice for retailers, are proud to launch their Retail Activity Planner module. This new Workforce Optimisation module gives you the power to assess and… Learn more

Ebook 7 December 2022