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Human Resources

Use Talent Ecosystems to Enhance Your Workforce

As per Gartner®, “talent shortages erode organizations' digital business progress and directly impact the bottom line”. Discover how traditional, linear recruitment and management no longer suffice. Learn more

Ebook 24 October 2022

Retail & Distribution

Building a Business case | Weighing the Retail Ops Options

Weighing up the retail ops options’ will help you explore the options available to you so you can make an informed decision for the right reasons. Learn more

Ebook 18 August 2022

Retail & Distribution

How to win backers and influence leaders

In chapter 3 ‘How to win backers and influence people’ we’ve pulled together some of the tips we’ve learned in the 8 years we’ve been helping our customers write compelling… Learn more

Ebook 18 August 2022

Retail & Distribution

Retail Thrives again

Retail Thrives Again is designed to help retail teams re-evaluate their retail operations, assess the impact of their current store tech, and to identify the changes required to support their… Learn more

Ebook 21 April 2022

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Talent Management

HR Trends 2022: Realign, Reconnect, Redeploy Ebook

While uncertainty continues to linger, the trends we discuss in our HR Trends 2022 ebook are the sure foundations to help you focus your HR strategy in 2022. Learn more

Ebook 10 February 2022

Talent Management

HR Trends 2022: Realign, Reconnect, Redeploy

Discover our ebook for insights on how to realign, reconnect, and redeploy your HR strategy, workforce, and activities to future-proof your organization. Learn more

Ebook 6 January 2022

Talent Management

Adapting to the New Normal – Leadership in a Post COVID-19 World

How to equip your managers to lead change ? The events of 2020 have forever changed the role of managers. And 2021 is the year to take charge of developing… Learn more

Ebook 2 December 2021

Retail & Distribution

Stores the New Way

In this report, Cegid explores the new role of the store, provides some examples of brands that have introduced innovative store concepts and explains how technology can empower store associates… Learn more

Ebook 11 October 2021

Talent Management

A Step-by-Step Guide To Developing RFPs

Get your RFPs right and take Human Capital Management to the next level Learn more

Ebook 20 July 2021

Retail & Distribution


Is international expansion still on the horizon for retailers this year? This guide explores the rising opportunities in several markets, particularly China, and includes some great initiatives from luxury and… Learn more

Ebook 12 July 2021

Talent Management

How to Make a Business Case for HR Software

As budgets tightened in 2020, companies focused their efforts on making remote work a successful experience for their teams. As we emerge from the pandemic, 2021 is HR’s chance to… Learn more

Ebook 7 June 2021