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Talent Management

How to Make a Business Case for HR Software

As budgets tightened in 2020, companies focused their efforts on making remote work a successful experience for their teams. As we emerge from the pandemic, 2021 is HR’s chance to… Learn more

Ebook 7 June 2021

Retail & Distribution

Next-Gen Luxury: AR Technology, Appointment-Based Shopping and the Rise of Gen Z’s Influence

This report looks at how luxury brands are adapting to digital acceleration and transforming their business and customer experience models to re-create the luxury experience online, via tools such as… Learn more

Ebook 8 May 2021

Retail & Distribution

The Store Review Guide

In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the tools you need to ensure that your Area Managers are getting the most out of their store visits. Learn more

Ebook 9 April 2021

Retail & Distribution

Improve your peak planning ebook

We’ve put together this eBook to guide you through the peak planning process. Whether you’re a first timer, or adding to an established routine, we’re sure you’ll find something useful. Learn more

Ebook 9 April 2021

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Retail & Distribution

Experts Q&A : why are Order Management Systems the key to retail the new way?

In this paper, 9 retail experts share their views and insights on how Distributed Order Management solutions help retailers keep up with their consumer needs. Learn more

Ebook 18 December 2020

Retail & Distribution

mPOS – Redefining the in-store experience

Mobile technology is central to enabling sales associates to serve the channel-agnostic customer. Our report will help you to build your business case and to plan deployment. Learn more

Ebook 30 September 2020

Retail & Distribution

Ship-from-store and the new omnichannel services

COVID-19 has forced many retailers to rethink the role of their stores, with results that could long outlast the crisis. Learn more

Ebook 28 February 2020

Retail & Distribution

Retail Distributed Order Managment

How to deploy a successfull omnichannel order orchestration strategy? Read our ebook to find out! Learn more

Ebook 13 February 2020

Retail & Distribution

In the Luxury Universe: Focus on Global Proximity, Service and Selling Ceremony

Consumers are looking for unparalleled service that makes them feel rewarded, recognized, and inspired. This ebook offers an insightful view of how. Learn more

Ebook 20 June 2019

Retail & Distribution

The Art and Science of the Personalized Sale

beautifully designed, in-store unified commerce platform that delivers a real-time view of your inventory and customers so that you never miss a sale. Learn more

Ebook 21 February 2019

Retail & Distribution

Join the retail makers with shopping

The new in-store, unified commerce solution for sales associates Learn more

Ebook 15 November 2018