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Retail & Distribution

Experts Q&A : why are Order Management Systems the key to retail the new way?

In this paper, 9 retail experts share their views and insights on how Distributed Order Management solutions help retailers keep up with their consumer needs. Learn more

Ebook 18 December 2020

Retail & Distribution

mPOS – Redefining the in-store experience

Mobile technology is central to enabling sales associates to serve the channel-agnostic customer. Our report will help you to build your business case and to plan deployment. Learn more

Ebook 30 September 2020

Retail & Distribution

Ship-from-store and the new omnichannel services

COVID-19 has forced many retailers to rethink the role of their stores, with results that could long outlast the crisis. Learn more

Ebook 28 February 2020

Retail & Distribution

Retail Distributed Order Managment

How to deploy a successfull omnichannel order orchestration strategy? Read our ebook to find out! Learn more

Ebook 13 February 2020

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Retail & Distribution

In the Luxury Universe: Focus on Global Proximity, Service and Selling Ceremony

Consumers are looking for unparalleled service that makes them feel rewarded, recognized, and inspired. This ebook offers an insightful view of how. Learn more

Ebook 20 June 2019

Retail & Distribution

The Art and Science of the Personalized Sale

beautifully designed, in-store unified commerce platform that delivers a real-time view of your inventory and customers so that you never miss a sale. Learn more

Ebook 21 February 2019

Retail & Distribution

Join the retail makers with shopping

The new in-store, unified commerce solution for sales associates Learn more

Ebook 15 November 2018

Retail & Distribution

Forrester Now Tech Guide 2018

Guide 2018 Access the report now for full market findings and a detailed evaluation of Yourcegid Retail Y2 POS and mPOS solutions. Learn more

Ebook 21 August 2018

Retail & Distribution

Gartner Guide 2018

Access the guide for full market findings and a detailed evaluation of Cegid and other representative vendors. Learn more

Ebook 21 August 2018

Retail & Distribution

RIS Software LeaderBoard 2017: Full Report

The annual RIS Software LeaderBoard cuts through the marketing hype and evaluates technology vendors in head-to-head rankings and top-10 lists based on customer satisfaction, i.e. retailer satisfaction. Learn more

Ebook 14 December 2017

Retail & Distribution

Clienteling & CRM: The Key Factors for Luxury Success

With clienteling and sophisticated CRM, luxury retailers can now deliver exclusive customer service, perfect their customer retention and growth strategies and deliver a global, unified and memorable brand experience. Learn more

Ebook 1 November 2017