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We create cloud-based management solutions to help you implement your business projects and open up opportunities.

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Solutions inspired by our clients

Our ecosystem of practitioners, experts and global partners means our teams have a thorough knowledge of your sector. And we go one step further: we work together with our users for joint creations, involving them in various stages in the creation of our solutions:

  • Individual interviews and focus groups to compile requirements, ahead of the design
  • Workshops for the joint creation and design of the product interface: sketch of the home page, navigation menus, user scenarios, etc.
  • User tests
  • Lastly, several times a year, we bring together our user clubs to listen to their feedback and share specific development projects

Useful and innovative solutions

We work together with our network of partners around the world, from world leaders to cutting-edge start-ups, to select and customize technologies to meet your needs.
We design flexible and open solutions which will follow you as your company evolves, adapting to new uses and changing to meet your needs.

Data-driven solutions

Our solutions use large quantities of data (financial, HR, commercial, etc.), analyzed and sorted to produce accurate insights regarding your issues and your needs. You then have a real-time view of your data so as to better manage your company and make the right decisions.

Find out more about Cegid Data Labs

Ecologically designed and accessible solutions

To continue to reduce our environmental impact, we train all of our developers in the ecodesign of their software. Ecodesign involves developing software which:

  • Eliminates unnecessary interactions,
  • Saves energy
  • Reduces the quantity of IT resources (servers, bandwidth, power of user terminals, etc.)
  • All while looking to improve performance.

Furthermore, our UI/UX teams at Cegid are aware of digital accessibility issues and work to offer as inclusive a product experience as possible.

Solutions always compliant with regulations

Our legal watch committee analyses and ensures the compliance of our solutions, working hand-in-hand with the public authorities. Peace of mind when managing your company, knowing that the solution is always compliant.

Customized and long-term support

Our teams of technical and business experts support you throughout, from getting started with your solution through to mastering any updates, for a less stressful experience.

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