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Job multiposting platform for recruiters

Stop posting your jobs one site at a time, and free up more of your time for value-added activities! Select distribution channels from 1400 connected job boards and publish instantly.

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Why choose Cegid Rita?

Job posting and media buying

Automation of the posting process

ROI calculation


Job posting and media buying

Post your job offer on as many job boards as you like

In a few clicks select the job offer to be published, choose the distribution channels among 1400 job boards according to your budget, review your order and post your job. As simple as that!

Automation of the posting process

Automate your posting process

No more manual entry of your job offers! Cegid RITA connects to your ATS and automatically integrates your job offers into the platform. Choose packages for your preferred media, and the process is fully automated. You don’t have to do anything!

ROI calculation

Easily calculate the ROI of your job postings

Calculate the ROI of your job postings by accessing distribution statistics: cost per click, viewing traffic, and other performance data such as the city and language of interested candidates.


See all your recruiting activities in one place

Use the Dashboard to view your orders and invoices and to track your budget and expenses. For deeper analysis, you can also filter data and compare time periods.

Let Cegid guide you

See our expert advice to reveal the full value of your business.

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Cegid Digitalrecruiters

A global talent acquisition solution including ATS, CRM and career sites that helps company reinventing the candidate and recruiter experience.

  • Smooth experience for all users: an easy-to-use solution
  • Attractive and well-referenced career site
  • Time-saving for everyone involved in the recruitment process
  • Support to launch and convert recruitments quickly to improve profitability