Human Resources

Rethink work experience

From talent acquisition to skill development, rethink work experience with innovative technologies


Reinventing the workplace with technology

HR is rapidely evolving, and experts need for innovation and automation is also rapidely evolving. With employees’ expectations increasing, companies having trouble offering optimized candidate and employee experience, helping workforce finding a purpose at work and developing their skills and career path, more than ever HR need to rethink work experience.

Develop a real candidate experience

Provide a candidate experience that displays your company’s value and support your recruiters’ productivity

From aspirations to career opportunities

Help your employee grow within your organization, support their performance development and a clear development path

Reduce a potential skill gap

From training administration and piloting to training content accessibility smoothen your learning process

Recommended products for you

Cegid Talentsoft

Cegid Wittyfit

Cegid RITA

Cegid Digitalrecruiters

Cegid Notilus

Cegid Talentsoft

Rethink your employee experience

With Cegid Talentsoft, reinvent your candidates, employees and learning experience for higher effectiveness and lasting performce

  • Improve your candidate experience and recruitement process
  • Develop your employees career and performance
  • A complete learning experience from content to administration
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Cegid Wittyfit

Promote employee engagement

Cegid Wittyfit is a Cloud solution that captures your employees’ feelings and engagement, using a proven scientific method, to manage and track your actions to improve the employee experience.

  • Assess employee engagement using a scientific method
  • Measure and prevent psychosocial risks
  • Develop, deploy and manage effective action plans
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Cegid RITA

Post faster, invest better

Stop posting your jobs one site at a time, and free up more of your time for value-added activities! Select distribution channels from 1400 connected job boards and publish instantly.

  • Save time by simplifying media buying
  • Automate the job posting process by connecting your ATS
  • Measure & Adjust
  • Manage your budget effectively
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Cegid Digitalrecruiters

Make recruitement yours

Cegid Digitalrecruiters is a global talent acquisition solution including ATS, CRM and career sites that helps company reinventing the candidate and recruiter experience

  • Smooth experience for all users
  • Attractive and well-referenced career site
  • Time-saving for everyone involved in the recruitment process
  • Support to launch and convert recruitments quickly to improve profitability
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Cegid Notilus

Mobility management solution

Cegid Notilus is the digital solution that helps companies manage and control their employees’ travel budgets: reservations, expense reports, car fleet.

  • Simplify the processing and reimbursement of expense claims
  • Integrate your corporate travel policy
  • Simplify your employees’ travel experience
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