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Set a new pace for your business

Deliver an exceptional shopping experience across all channels, all over the world.

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When it comes to your brand experience, every detail matters.

In luxury, fashion and specialty retail, poor customer experience can have serious consequences on your brand’s reputation and weigh on your profitability. Cegid helps you smooth out your omnichannel customer journeys, optimize the availability of your stock, and improve your team’s efficiency and availability. Your clients enjoy a premium experience while you become more agile, quickly testing and releasing new initiatives so your quality of service stands out and your profitability improves.

Adopt new ways to sell and serve

Discover new ways to serve your customers to maximize your sales potential across all channels.

Optimize inventory

Gain a single, real-time vision of inventory to avoid overstocking and stockouts.

Manage your activities

Access all agile tools for data analysis, task management and team engagement to increase productivity and performance.

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Cegid Retail
Cegid Retail Store Excellence

Cegid Retail

Set a new pace for your business

The cloud-native POS and unified commerce platform for specialty retailers to manage their business and deliver exceptional shopping experiences worldwide.

  • Maximize your sales potential across all channels​
  • Gain a single, real-time view of inventory across the enterprise​
  • Manage your activities efficiently and track KPIs​
  • Benefit from a secure, global SaaS platform
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Cegid Retail Store Excellence

The leading task management platform for Retail Operations

Whether you want to improve product presentation, supercharge your sales training or align your labor forecasting with your task management workflow, discover how Cegid Retail Store Excellence can help you do retail better.​

  • Stores will never miss a task again
  • Clear and targeted operational comms
  • Visual Merchandising Excellence
  • Checks and audits you can count on
  • Give your teams the tools they need to thrive
  • Co-ordinate retail activities across your business
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Retail & Distribution

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