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Elevate human potential

Cegid innovates in AI for business management, delivering solutions to elevate the potential of the entire business.

What if the best of artificial intelligence were at the service of human resources ?

With Cegid Pulse, live a new experience

Cegid Pulse offers a new way of working with Cegid’s business management solutions.

Imagine a set of intelligent agents at your service that allows you to interact in natural language with the company’s data and management tools thanks to the incredible power of generative AI.

Embedded with our solutions, Cegid Pulse becomes the beating heart of your organization. It relies on the wealth of your company’s information and Cegid management applications to assist you in your daily tasks, connect and simplify your processes, advise you based on the latest information, alert you in the event of a problem and suggest various actions to remedy it.

It works at your side and increases the collective intelligence of your entire business.

Elevate human potential and the strategic impact of HR on your business

Improved employee experience.

Cegid HR solutions will improve the employee experience thanks to recommendations for HR experts and managers generated by Cegid Pulse based on the measurement of employee wellness and the assessment of psychosocial risks.

Simplified recruitment

Cegid HR solutions will help simplify recruitment with the support of Cegid Pulse AI agents to ease the search for open positions, generate and post job descriptions automatically, analyze applicant resumes and streamline the selection process.

Advanced talent management.

Cegid HR solutions will help HR leaders elevate the human potential of their business by enabling advanced talent management, thanks to the skills analysis, development advice and relevant training proposals generated by Cegid Pulse according to the context of each employee and the actual needs of the organization.

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