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Elevate the Retail experience

Cegid innovates in AI for business management, delivering solutions to elevate the potential of the entire business.

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What if the best of artificial intelligence were at the service of retail ?

With Cegid Pulse, live a new experience

Cegid Pulse offers a new way of working with Cegid’s business management solutions.

Imagine a set of intelligent agents at your service that allows you to interact in natural language with the company’s data and management tools thanks to the incredible power of generative AI.

Embedded with our solutions, Cegid Pulse becomes the beating heart of your organization. It relies on the wealth of your company’s information and Cegid management applications to assist you in your daily tasks, connect and simplify your processes, advise you based on the latest information, alert you in the event of a problem and suggest various actions to remedy it.

It works at your side and increases the collective intelligence of your entire business.

Elevate productivity​

Build customer loyalty

Cegid Pulse, integrated with Cegid Retail Live Store, supports in-store sales staff.From your smartphone or tablet, identify your customer.You can access their profile, purchasing preferences and personalized product recommendations. You save time, optimize your efficiency and build customer loyalty by directly proposing the right offers!

Sellers will be able to, for example :

  • Make personalized recommendations
  • Save time

Manage your operations and make the right decisions

Thanks to Cegid Pulse integrated with Cegid Retail Intelligence, your teams at headquarters or in store will be able to access real-time indicators, personalized graphs and predictive models, all in simple natural language!
You will manage the retail activity as closely as possible and refine the forecasts of turnover, stocks or restocking.

For example, you will be able to :

  • Dictating or texting with Cegid Retail Intelligence
  • Get real-time analytics

Elevate customer and employee engagement

Forget the language barrier

With Cegid Pulse integrated into Cegid Retail Live Store, the seller and the customer communicate simply, each in their native language.
Cegid Pulse instantly translates interactions into both languages.

Sellers will be able to, for example​ :

  • Communicate freely with their customers, without language constraints​
  • Focus on advice and sales​

Deliver an ultra-personalized experience​

Integrated with Cegid Retail Live Store, Cegid Pulse offers personalized recommendations in real time based on the oral exchange between the seller and the customer and on the available stocks. Your salespeople transform their sales faster and deliver a memorable experience for their customers.

Sellers will be able to, for example​ :

  • Communicate freely with their customers
  • Suggests items that match the customer’s needs

Optimize store network management

With the help of Cegid Pulse, you will be able to increase in-store employee engagement by creating more engaging and automatically generated communications from headquarters, in all languages.

For example, you will be able to :

  • Generate text and images
  • Change tone, length, language

Effective solutions available today

Take advantage of the power of AI now by adopting the latest generation of our retail management solutions

Cegid Retail

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