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Talent Management

How to efficiently recruit and retain talent in this new context?

Great Resignation, quiet quitting, race for talents... How to efficiently recruit your talents while dealing with sometimes complicated contexts?

Article 6 March 2023 3 min

Retail & Distribution

Gen Z: an emerging consumer generation

In this blog, I’ll outline some Gen Z consumer trends, as well as tips on engaging with this emerging generation as a consumer. - Cegid Retail Store Excellence 

Article 6 March 2023 3 min

Retail & Distribution

Championing all 4 pillars of sustainability in your business

The term sustainability is used to broadly indicate initiatives and actions aimed at the preservation of a particular resources. However, it refers to four distinct areas: human, social, economic and…

Article 27 February 2023 4 min

Talent Management

Great Resignation : 5 steps to take care of your talents

How can you protect your company from sudden resignations and retain your most strategic talents? Here are 5 decisive levers to prevent the Great Resignation.

Article 20 February 2023 3 min

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Retail & Distribution

The Future of Luxury Retail: 5 Trends to Stay Ahead

The luxury sector saw growth of around +19% during the first quarter of 2022, compared to the first three months of 2021, according to the Luxury 2022 report “Rerouting the…

Article 16 February 2023 5 min

Talent Management

How to reduce your recruitment’s hidden costs in 3 steps?

In an era of unbridled competition for talent, reducing recruitment costs is turning out to be a particularly strategic challenge.

Article 13 February 2023 4 min

Retail & Distribution

Top 7 retail trends to watch for 2023

Personal shopper, the customer and employee experience, changing payment methods, second hand and the rise of mobile. The trends most likely to affect the retail sector in 2023.

Article 6 February 2023 3 min

Retail & Distribution

7 Top Retail Trends for 2023

Every year, Cegid anticipates the trends and challenges facing the retail industry and adapts its roadmap to address them. It’s clear that retailers need modern, open and scalable retail management solutions… Learn more

Report 6 February 2023

Retail & Distribution

Retail Excellence for Luxury Experience

Unlock Cegid’s latest luxury report and discover 4 key steps to delivering the ultimate luxury CX. Learn more

Report 18 January 2023

Retail & Distribution

5 Reasons why you should launch Cegid Retail Store Excellence NOW

You understand the benefits of a retail operations platform like Cegid Retail Store Excellence and the positive impact it will have across your business, but what next?

Article 13 January 2023 6 min

Retail & Distribution

CI/CD: a change of mindset for greater agility

What are the advantages of CI/CD? What are the fundamentals and how can retailers become more secure and agile with CI/CD?

Article 3 January 2023 4 min