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Talent Management

Core HR- Simplify your HR Management with Cegid Talentsoft

Do you want to prepare your organization for the HR challenges of tomorrow? Our HRIS tools are here to help you. Learn more

Replays 17 August 2022

Talent Management

Cegid Talentsoft A Smart Recruitment

Your recruitment process shouldn’t become a series of disconnected tasks that turn potential candidates off. Not if you have a platform that brings all the parts together to work alongside… Learn more

Replays 16 August 2022

Talent Management

The tools to manage your talent

Discover how our solution can help you better manage the performance of your teams, foster conversations between managers and employees, and evaluate your talents -- All this, on the same… Learn more

Replays 16 August 2022

Retail & Distribution

The future of retail invents itself in the metaverse

What is the metaverse? Do retailers need to start investing? All the answers about crypto, nft’s and the future of retail within the Web 3.0

Article 10 August 2022 5 min

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Retail & Distribution

The Great Store Revival

Cegid has teamed up with Retail Week for their inaugural report The Great Store Revival. This report contains exclusive store data to review the changing retail landscape from 2019 to… Learn more

Report 22 July 2022

Talent Management

Recruitment: Towards a reverse of the balance of power?

How to deal with the changes in the recruiting world ? Check our recommandations and advice regarding to the balance of power.

Article 15 July 2022 3 min

Retail & Distribution

Metaverse, sustainability, data, and the role of sales associates: Retail’s new challenges

Moving forward in retail means being aware of new consumer behaviours and innovations. The “Metaverse”, a buzzword at the last CES in Las Vegas, is one of them. It’s a…

Article 15 July 2022 4 min

Retail & Distribution

New store openings – the Cegid Retail Store Excellence way

Our customers use Cegid Retail Store Excellence to streamline the processes involved in a new store opening, including making sure a new store is open ready, is prepared to succeed…

Article 12 July 2022 3 min

Retail & Distribution

Accelerating retail at Cegid Connections Retail 2022

Questions like how can store staff sell more and offer a better shopping experience for customers were answered at the Cegid Connections Retail conference, along with other topical concerns like…

Article 5 July 2022 6 min

Retail & Distribution

Why Cloud Computing is the Only Option for Retail

The benefits of cloud computing in the retail industry, as seen by technologists and retailers. Innovation, agility, cloud is the only option for retailers.

Article 30 June 2022 3 min

Talent Management

To automate or to transform? How HR should harness Artificial Intelligence

ln this Viewpoint paper, Fosway Group looks at why Artificial Intelligence in HR is important and how HR leaders can harness it to transform organisations and create value. Learn more

White paper 21 June 2022