Talent management

Hiring Unicorns – Checklist for internal mobility success

Organizations know the deck is stacked against them in hiring great talent. But if hiring unicorns from the outside is so difficult, an obvious question is raised: Why not fill more vacancies internally?


RIS Leaderboard 2019

Cegid has once again been recognized as a Top Performing Retail Technology Vendor, earning more #1 category positions than any other vendor.

Talent management

Selection Criteria Checklist for an E Recruitment Solution

Recruiting is as complex as it is strategic. An offer’s reach is now broader and almost limitless thanks to social networks. As such, atypical career paths are increasingly becoming the norm. The best candidates are extremely selective, experienced, and more aware of the methods used by recruiters.

Talent management

Is employee involvement the new engagement?

Increasing employee involvement in key business directives is important for cultivating and maintaining on-the-job satisfaction. When employees are more involved in shaping the decisions that impact their responsibilities, they are likely to be empowered and, thus, more willing to stay in their positions.


Price and Promotion Wars: How to Avoid a Race to the Bottom

The right pricing and promotions strategy creates proximity with customers and enables your retail business to deliver truly relevant offers. Learn how in this special report.


Digital Transformation and Greater Collaboration

Read how lingerie retailer La Vie en Rose is leading it's digital transformation with innovative technologies and greater IT collaboration. Download the report.


Addressing the 5 Key Challenges of Inventory Optimization

Is your organization up to speed on the latest inventory accuracy initiatives? Download our guide to 5 business benefits of inventory accuracy.


Inventory Precision: Vitally Important, But Too Often Ignored

Learn 4 concrete steps to avoid stock-outs, empower retail associates and boost sales.

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