Cegid’s Flexibility Becomes A Core Strength For Yoga Brand LOLË

Live out loud every day. This is the mantra of LOLË, a yoga and activewear brand that combines feminine and fashion-forward designs. The company has almost singlehandedly turned yoga attire into a fashion statement, and has built an international following in the process. Born in Montreal, the company started as a wholesaler, and then expanded into the business-to-consumer (B2C) market, first launching its ecommerce platform and then opening 50 retail stores across North America and Europe. To power its growing retail presence, Lolë relies on Cegid’s retail and point-of-sale (POS) solution.

Compelling Solution

Lolë launched its first retail operations in 2009, selecting Cegid as its retail and POS technology provider from the start. “We looked at other solutions, but the offering from Cegid was the most compelling,” recalls David Turcotte, retail system administrator for Coalision, Lolë’s parent company. “We’ve remained with them ever since.”
In 2016, the company implemented new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, and assessed its retail solution as part of the process. “We evaluated other retail and POS providers carefully, and made the decision to stay with Cegid, upgrading to their latest offering, Yourcegid Retail Y2, including, POS, mPOS, merchandising, replenishment, CRM, loyalty, pricing and promotions, business intelligence, as well as other modules module” says Simon Chalifoux, IT director for Coalision.

Cloud-Powered Omnichannel Services

The new functionality that comes with Yourcegid Retail Y2, augmented by a long-standing business relationship the brand had built with Cegid, provided compelling reasons to further solidify the partnership.
Yourcegid Retail Y2 is an in-store, omnichannel POS solution that empowers brands like Lolë to respond to customers’ needs throughout their purchasing journey.
“We appreciate the flexibility we have with Y2,” says Turcotte. “We like that it’s a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) deployment on Microsoft Azure and has the omnichannel functionality we want in order to share information with our ecommerce platform to offer cross-channels services to our shoppers.”
The upgrade to Y2 opened the opportunity for Lolë to incorporate more advanced mobile POS functionality in its stores. It’s worth noting that Cegid and Lolë partnered to develop the first mobile POS solution in 2009; thus, demonstrating the commitment these two companies had over the years. The mobile POS runs on a range of iOS devices, accepts a full range of payment methods, has complete transactional capability, and is fully PCI compliant.

Lole Flagship

Technology That Blends With The Brand

Lolë positions itself as a lifestyle brand, and promoting that vision in its stores is paramount. Stores are designed to be a place for socializing and promoting a healthy lifestyle, not merely a place to sell clothing. Cegid’s mobile POS software dovetails beautifully into this retail vision, providing the Lolë sales team with all the tools and data they need to enhance customers’ shopping experience, from real-time display of stock status in other locations or warehouses, to a customers’ purchase history and loyalty status.
“We always look for ways to make technology work for us, supporting the brand,” says Chalifoux. “We’re using technology to remove the hard edges in our stores. Ideally, you’ll never see a cash drawer or a printer, for example, they will blend in to the architecture: serving their purpose, but looking good doing it. Cegid fits in with its modern, mobile-first approach.”

Building Customer Loyalty

Cegid gives the Lolë sales team the freedom to engage with customers throughout the store, while providing them with vital customer, product and stock information, either on a tablet or smartphone.
If a customer wants a size or style that is not available in a local store, Lolë retail staff are able to check inventory in other locations, initiate a transfer to the local store, or even ship an order directly to the customer. “We’re moving towards a single view of the customer, integrating our ecommerce and retail sales data so that we don’t miss sales and can better meet the needs of our customers,” says Turcotte.

Flexible Promotions

The Lolë Ambassador Program rewards instructors, personal trainers, and other professionals in wellness fields with benefits, including a clothing allowance, so they can represent Lolë as brand ambassadors in their communities.
Turcotte says he is impressed that the Cegid Pricing & Promotions module is flexible enough to handle the numerous nuances of their program. “The Ambassador Program is rather sophisticated, with various allocations, gift cards, and discounts in the mix. Sometimes the rebates are limited to a specific quantity or to a specific item, and sometimes they are unlimited. We were very pleased to learn that the Pricing & Promotions module could handle our requirements.
Lolë also offers more traditional promotions to its customers and prospects. “Each season our web and retail teams plan strategic promotions, assign a promo code and we build those into Y2,” says Chalifoux. “They come up with some creative promotions, but we’ve found that if we can describe it, we can make it work within the systems.”
Promotions are advertised on point-of-purchase displays in stores, on the LOLËwebsite, in email campaigns, and via social media outlets. Lolë can segment and target the desired audience using customer information collected from Y2, web sales, and its newsletter subscribers.

Backed By Experience

Turcotte notes that Lolë benefits from Cegid’s experience and expertise in the retail marketplace. “They’re a trusted brand around the globe, serving many of the world’s best- known retailers,” he says. “And that is an advantage for us. They share tips and best practices with us that help us better position and promote our brand.”
“When we’re asked by peers, who are struggling with their retail and POS systems, what we use, we systematically recommend Cegid,” adds Chalifoux.

It’s a strong solution that works well for us.”