Our cloud-based data visualization solution brings focus to your talents initiatives

An innovative and easy-to-use HR solution for data aggregation and visualization. Aggregate data from all of your disparate internal systems and present it in a way that’s useful for HR managers and employees.

  • Innovative and easy-to-use

    Innovative and easy-to-use

    The predictive analytics capabilities of PeopleVision provides HR professionals and managers with new ways to proactively manage their workforce.

  • Natively multi-device and SaaS-based

    Natively multi-device and SaaS-based

    PeopleVision provides current and future views of an organization by aggregating data from different systems to serve the needs of all stakeholders.

  • Seamlessly integratable into your information system

    Seamlessly integratable into your information system

    The solution is also designed to integrate seamlessly into an organization’s global information system as an HR management tool.

Visualize your human capital in 360°

A single contributor or an entire team : Easily access dashboards with real-time data of a single employee or a team. A solution for past, present and future trends : View historical data and analyze present workforce trends. Use predictive analysis to identify areas of influence.By Theme : Categorize views by meetings, action plans, training programs, absences and much more. Get immediate access to all employees records.

Evaluate team performance within the company and compare to market benchmarks

Peer Reviews : Track KPIs to compare employees, teams and organizations.Compare to industry benchmarks : Compare anonymous employee data and workforce trends with industry benchmarks.


  • Manage Your Workforce Proactively

    When your management team has access to reliable and relevant people data, it can act proactively and pre-emptively to strengthen the workplace. Identify potential problem areas early and implement solutions early to prevent negative impacts such as unplanned attrition.

  • Monitor KPIs and Utilize Predictive Analytics

    Use the charts from PeopleVision to easily present workforce demographics and trends. Show how your HR programs are having an effect on the company and create strategic presentations with real data to support your proposals. Use PeopleVision Predictive Analytics to identify potential issues and trends before they emerge.

  • Access Complete Employee Profiles with a Single Click

    As a manager, you can access all of your employee profiles from a single interface. Your employees can also view their profiles to get information about their salary and compensation packages, vacation days, training programs and any other type of information you choose.

  • Modern, intuitive on any device

    PeopleVision was created to be simple to use and doesn’t require any data organization, statistical or report writing skills. Since the data is in a secure, private cloud you access it anywhere, anytime and from any device.

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