Meet your customers’ omnichannel expectations and accelerate your sales performance

Today’s customers are ultra-connected, better informed and more discerning than ever. They are looking for unique, personalized shopping experiences and exceptional customer service, online as well as in-store, any time, anywhere. These changes in consumer habits have an impact on your retail operations. From omnichannel solutions to store digitization, Cegid helps you lead your retail business into the era of unified commerce.

  • Unified Commerce

    Unified Commerce

    Deliver integrated omnichannel shopping journeys. Offer your customers a cohesive, customized and seamless experience, whether they’re shopping on the web, in-store or from their smartphones.

  • International Growth

    International Growth

    Effortlessly manage your in-store and e-commerce operations across the globe, while ensuring compliance with local commercial, regulatory, and tax specificities.

  • 24/7 Global Cloud

    24/7 Global Cloud

    Take advantage of a centralized, secure and compliant global cloud available 24/7. Break free from IT constraints, so that you can focus on what matters: managing and growing your retail business.

Set a new pace for your business with Cegid Retail Live Store 

Discover a new generation of intuitive and collaborative in-store apps to help store associates deliver the most effective and efficient omnichannel experience in-store, on any operating system and any device.  For store associates, serving customers has never been easier, despite increasingly complex omnichannel shopping journeys. For your IT teams, the solution gives you the agility to implement retail change at a rapid pace and deploy new capabilities and features more frequently and efficiently. 


Accelerate your store digitalisation

Cegid Retail Live Store enables users to navigate seamlessly between various apps and functions, including: Sales, CRM, Loyalty and Digital Catalogues on any device and any operating system for a unique and enhanced user experience.  

Simplify omnichannel customer journeys  

Manage and simplify all omnichannel shopping scenarios like Click & Collect, Ship from Store, online returns and digital catalogues for endless aisle, and transform the store into a unified commerce hub.  

Boost sales, service and efficiency in-store, from checkout to customer service, by streamlining your retail operations and empowering your sales associates in their new role.

Manage your entire retail estate from one single centralised solution to streamline your operations, become more agile, and gain a comprehensive view of the day-to-day of your stores, whatever their type or location.

  • Omnichannel scenarios

    Turn the point of sale into a point of service by offering Click & Collect, E-reservations, Ship from Store, Endless Aisle, any channel returns, remote selling, Contactless etc.

  • Intuitive solutions, fast to adopt

    Cegid Retail seamlessly integrates into your teams’ daily operations, simplifying adoption, management, and processes. Solutions can be used on any device, mobile or fixed POS, minimising training time and maximising user experience.

  • Optimised against fraud

    Access restrictions secure customer and POS data, suspicious behaviour flags, and legal compliance to help you prevent and reduce in-store fraud.

Harness the benefits of centralized stock management and gain a real-time view of your inventory to guarantee product availability and capture every sales opportunity.

Whether reserved in online shopping carts, shipped to affiliates, on consignment, in transit, or on hold in a store, your stock statuses are instantly updated, giving you a network-wide control of omnichannel inventory, so you can easily move product to another store, channel or location, based on demand.

  • Movement tracking

    Each stock taking, interstore transfer, and inventory adjustment operation are automatically logged thanks to a centralized and mobile application. This simplifies tracking and offers a global overview of inventory status at headquarters and in-store.

  • Stock rotation optimization

    Whether in the allocation or replenishment phase, our solution allows you to optimize inventory and restocking according to customer demand, minimizing stock shortage and overstocking to maximize full price sales and increase the profitability of each collection.

Integrate new customer journeys and manage online and in-store client interactions from one centralized dashboard to offer a cohesive and seamless shopping experience.

  • Customization

    With access to information about their deliveries and rewards, your customers will enjoy personalized interactions no matter the channel, and gain more autonomy for tracking a package and exchanging or returning a purchase, minimizing your service and order processing costs.

  • Complex scenarios

    From click & collect to e-reservation, home delivery, and store-to-store, providing your customers with omnichannel purchasing options allows you to leverage synergies between the different channels, multiply sales opportunities, and increase in-store traffic.

  • Centralized data

    Centralized sales, customer, and inventory data give you access to key metrics, allowing you to implement integrated loyalty programs, create tailored product recommendations, cross-sell and up-sell, and streamlining customer service and transactions across all channels.

Equip your in-store associates with intuitive and simple apps on any mobile device, across all operating systems to boost their performance and elevate the customer experience. 

Empowering your store associates with a mobile store solution offers numerous advantages: you can reduce wait times, accept all types of payment, give more personalised advice to each customer by consulting their purchase history and preferences, manage all omnichannel shopping scenarios like Click & Collect, Ship from Store and can access the brands digital catalogue for endless aisle, offer contactless payment and remain agile during commercial events such as private sales, concept stores, and pop-up shops.

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, the solution is easily adopted by your staff, including new hires, so that they can be trained quickly, and are empowered to focus on what matters the most: delivering great customer service to capture all sales opportunities and build brand loyalty.

Take advantage of a simplified and centralized management of your in-store HR operations to maximize the availability of your sales associates on the shop floor and optimize client satisfaction.

The more digital the shopping experience becomes, the more human interaction and personalized service feels valuable to customers. Coordinate your sales staff schedule and shifts to match in-store traffic peak times and your calendar of store events to boost sales and brand appreciation. Manage sales objectives, payroll, and commissions from the same centralized tool which keeps track of your associates performance by reading their digital fingerprints and recording their operations. Secure access to store activity, transactions and customer data by user profile (store manager, sales associate, cashier, advisor, inventory manager, etc.) to keep them secure

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