Taking the guesswork out of human resources

Simulate and visualize sophisticated compensation scenarios in order to more easily and effectively administer compensation adjustments to individuals or teams.

  • Get a handle on employee drivers

    Get a handle on employee drivers

    Understand the qualities that drive high-performers, and attract and nurture your future talent pools.

  • Monitor your HR programs in real-time

    Monitor your HR programs in real-time

    Monitor performance assessment campaigns in real-time and correct process bottlenecks.

  • Easily create sophisticated charts

    Easily create sophisticated charts

    Perform in-depth analysis on your global workforce.

Understand your workforce better than ever

As companies grow and increase the scope of their talent management processes, there is an ever-greater need to understand the efficiency, effectiveness, and financial impact of their HR initiatives. Our HR Analytics solution is a sophisticated business intelligence platform that empowers executives, line managers, and HR teams to easily gain insight into detailed information about the people and the processes in their organization HR professionals have access to all aspects of workforce performance, including talent acquisition, talent development, retention and succession.

Cross domain analytics

Our HR Analytics solution aggregates information from the Talent Acquisition, Performance, Career and Succession, Compensation, Core HR Hub, and Learning and Development modules into a data warehouse to enable multidimensional analysis throughout the entire talent management spectrum. It can also capture information from other HRIS or ERP systems to enable in-depth analysis across the HR continuum.


  • Streamline decision making

    Schedule reports for automatic distribution to key stakeholders. Standardize and track company-wide key performance indicators. Create alerts or dynamic indicators when information falls out of trend and monitor the progress of HR campaigns.

  • Perform in-depth analysis

    Drill through any chart, graph and tabular report and get to the core data. Generate analytic snapshots to track historical information and analyze trends over time. Export reports to PDF, Excel, CSV or XML for even greater analysis.

  • Create compelling reports & dashboards

    Define and create as many custom reports as needed without administrative support or data specialists. Synthesize large amounts of information into easy-to-understand charts, graphs or tabular reports. Create user-defined dashboards to track the metrics that matter to individual team members.

  • Out-of-the-box functionnality

    Pre-populated with commonly used HR reports including compliance, process efficiency, performance assessment completion, workforce demographics and more. Filter reports on different dimensions including business unit, department, cost center, region, and position. Ready-to-use dashboards allow you to easily monitor key metrics and the performance of HR campaigns.

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