Incentivize and reward employees to achieve optimal business results

Simulate and visualize sophisticated compensation scenarios in order to more easily and effectively administer compensation adjustments to individuals or teams.

  • Eliminate spreadsheets

    Eliminate spreadsheets

    Eliminate multiple employee and org structure Excel spreadsheets which are often outdated and can lead to errors.

  • Manage individual salary periods

    Manage individual salary periods

    Manage individual salary review periods, including identifying eligible employees and participants, defining dates, and configuring reminders.

  • Do it all from one interface

    Do it all from one interface

    Manage budget envelopes for different organizational sectors and transfer final recommendations to your HRIS or payroll system.

Align your compensation reviews with talent performance

Compensation decisions directly impact the success of your talent management strategy. The Compensation module equips HR and managers with the ability to simulate and visualize sophisticated compensation scenarios, so they can reward and engage their team based on individual or group performance. Our solution is highly flexible for managing global talent budgets in multiple currencies and seamlessly integrates with the Performance module to bring comprehensive visibility to your compensation planning processes.

Foster employee engagement with clear compensation processes

Organizations that want to improve their compensation practices to foster employee engagement and motivation can benefit by automating them through consistency and transparency. Employees who have a clear understanding of the compensation process are substantially more satisfied with their compensation outcomes. Managers who have effective tools to manage complex compensation plans easily are better empowered to manage their employees.


  • Budget balancing tools

    Easily manage the compensation review process and allow it to balance with the target budget. Create budget allocations based on salary amounts and hierarchical structures.

  • Native integration with performance

    Use performance ratings to drive compensation decisions and establish consistency across the organization. Performance assessment results are seamlessly integrated with the Compensation module.

  • Simulation & merit matrix tools

    Use a merit matrix to determine the recommended salary increase for each employee based on their performance rating and benchmarks – or create multiple merit matrices and run simulations on distributions.

  • Support multiple compensation models and currencies

    Easily track statutory or contractually-mandatory increases; salary progression and lump sum adjustments; bonuses; long-term incentives such as stock options; and other cash incentives – and in multiple currencies.

  • Support complex budget allocations

    Effortlessly divide budget allocations into various envelopes which can be delegated in total or in part by cascading to subsidiary managers. Managers can also decide to maintain some allocation in their envelopes for adjustments during the year (the reserve).