Talent management insight that spans across your business

Identify critical positions within your organization, create risk mitigation plans, and identify successors to ensure continued organizational effectiveness.

  • Plan for the unplanned

    Plan for the unplanned

    Accelerate talent development and career growth for critical jobs or at risk positions.

  • Proactively identify talent gaps

    Proactively identify talent gaps

    Uncover talent gaps and develop employees for advancement into key roles.

  • Be Strategic

    Be Strategic

    Tie succession plans to your organization’s strategic goals.

Be strategic with advanced succession planning tools

Career & Succession Planning is not just another HR instrument – it is a strategic priority. As such, high-performing companies recognize that leadership is about more than just steering the business. It’s about nurturing, energizing, and challenging the people who help make it run, and who keep it competitive. To sustain success, a company needs leaders who care about and invest in their people. These companies understand that building a talent pipeline should extend beyond successors to top management to include everyone whose contributions.

Invest in your people and watch your company grow

People are a primary source of competitive advantage, and companies who are committed to investing in their people enjoy better economic performance. Having the talent knowledge and business intelligence that link these critical practices together during the succession process is essential. Today’s high-performing organizations understand their succession initiatives (and technology) must be tied to the company’s business strategy and includes leadership objectives and talent development activities.


  • Create talent pools

    Ensure your key roles are always filled with the best talent by creating talent pools around specific competencies, skills, job roles or other attributes.

  • Identify critical jobs

    Using the built-in modeler you can quickly assess the vulnerability of key positions to make strategic staffing decisions.

  • Native integration with development

    Directly schedule development activities to help reduce competency gaps and create customized development paths.

  • Dynamic organizational charting and matrices

    Get at-a-glance team views and succession potential, along with one-click access to candidate profile, performance history and position readiness.

  • View internal mobility

    Managers can identify employee career interests and relocation availability to support succession management.

  • Evaluate bench strength

    Dynamic 9-box succession matrix allows you to visualize talent on multiple dimensions including potential, performance rating, competency proficiency, readiness and more.

  • Create talent pools

    Ensure your key roles are always filled with the best talent by creating talent pools around specific competencies, skills, job roles or other attributes.

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