Cegid Connections 2019: We loved it! How was it for you?

Sun, shared practices, software and services . It was a heady mix for lucky delegates at Cegid Connections 2019 in Madrid this May (15th to 17th). We’re delighted that our event has been such a spectacular success!

22 May 2019


Three figures for the Day Three of Cegid Connections Retail 2019

X8 Data: a new asset for retailers. The question is no longer ‘to be or not to be data driven’ but when and how. The proof is that retailers exploiting data efficiently are growing 8 times faster than the US economy! And retailers have a lot of data, payment-related data…

20 May 2019


6 Starring Roles for Stores in a Next-Gen Retail Universe

Retailers must leverage information and behaviors from other channels to surprise, delight and drive face-to-face customer loyalty in their brick-and-mortar environments.

17 May 2019


Cegid Connections Retail 2019 - Day Two

3 The move to the Cloud that started in 2017 is gathering pace. Cegid announced the opening of a third Point of Delivery based in Singapore, in addition to the two already open in Europe and the United States. It will begin at the end of June with two customers,…

17 May 2019


Three key figures to take away from the first day of Cegid Connections Retail

6th edition The sixth edition of Cegid Connections is being held from 15 to 17 May in Madrid on the theme “Make More Possible”. More than 470 people are attending this three-day event to discuss and share their thoughts about the revolution currently shaking the retail industry. Since the last…

16 May 2019


How Empowering The Store Associate Creates Higher Sales And Satisfaction

Due to the Amazon effect, there's less reason for consumers to visit stores. Associates are an untapped asset in the retail space and can create an exceptional personalized retail experience for consumers.

29 April 2019


Retailers Must Leverage Next-Gen Training Tools to Deliver Elevated Customer Experiences

Retailers continue to invest in technology to support the difficult but essential transition to omnichannel retail platforms. But siloed systems are not the only barriers that need to be broken down. To truly succeed in establishing a customer-centric organization capable of delivering…

15 April 2019


Reaching Customers Via Today’s Complex Customer Journeys

Omnichannel has transformed neat, linear shopping journeys into a tangled web. Thanks to the explosion of marketing and shopping channels, a customer may be exposed to a product on social, check it out on mobile web, put the item in their cart on desktop, but then end up purchasing it…

19 March 2019

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