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HR Analytics: A Great Leap Forward

Since its inception, business intelligence has become a guiding tool on all levels of an organization… except in human resources. HR managers are the first…

26 April 2021

Talent management

Salaries: why the hush-hush?

In North America, just like in France, large companies must disclose the CEO-to-worker pay ratio. Should all such data become public everywhere? This question is…

23 April 2021


Luxury Retail in 2021: New Avenues for Growth

In a year that saw customer behaviours, needs, expectations and purchase patterns dramatically change – finding new avenues for growth and innovation has never been…

20 April 2021


Luxury Retail : The Global Shopping Reset

In an environment of ongoing travel restrictions, store closures, global restructuring, revised targets and omni-channel selling, luxury brand executives must stay one step ahead of…

15 March 2021

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Business of Fashion Sits Down with Cegid to Discuss Dark Stores and Evolving Retail Solutions

Business Of Fashion sits down with Tania Oakey, Cegid Marketing Director of Retail to discuss Cegid’s strategies to improve the performance of physical stores by…

25 February 2021

Talent management

Should remote workers be monitored?

Many companies fear employees will simply slack off. How do they react? Well, according to several studies, they turn to remote monitoring software. But, is…

22 February 2021

Talent management

HR Challenges and Prospects of Data-Driven Strategy

As digitalization continues to proliferate, data becomes more of a lever for growth and performance in human resources. What does HR stand to win in…

16 February 2021


Why choose Cegid Retail’s Distributed Order management system for your unified commerce strategy?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the game in retail. Customers expect a frictionless buying experience now more than ever. Demand for contactless shopping, home delivery, curbside…

11 February 2021


Luxury new normal : Why Store Is Still Key

The in-store experience at the end of 2020 looked nothing like it did at the end of 2019. Temporary closures, reduced (or sometimes extended) hours,…

11 February 2021


Luxury retail in 2021: 7 trends to watch

The past 12 months have seen extraordinary changes in the sector but what does the future hold? We outline 7 key themes for luxury leaders…

26 January 2021

Talent management

Alert on the commitment of your employees! – Gilles Verrier, founder of Identité RH

Caught in the storm, struggling for survival, many companies did not take the time to ask themselves if their employees were still aligned with corporate…

21 January 2021

In-store digitisation: How to get closer at a distance

Mobile devices are the key to retail staff and customers getting closer whilst staying at a safe distance. Armed with a smartphone or tablet, store…

12 January 2021


A concept store of a new kind, opens up in Berlin, taking experience retail to new heights

German retailer, The Latest, opens unique concept store in Berlin, with plans for UK and China to follow next year, featuring cutting-edge technology, personalised service…

11 December 2020