Your panellists

Dr. Sean Shi

Dr. Sean Shi,
Hui Ye Law Firm

Chennan Zhang

Chennan Zhang,
Cegid Asia

Xiaolu Wang,

Marco Lim (moderator),
Cegid Asia 

Why should you attend?

For many international retailers China holds countless promises of a swift and bold business recovery.

However due to ambiguous requirements and broadly defined terminology, many retailers are concerned about the China’s Cybersecurity Law’s potential impact on their operations in China, and the tangible risks of non-compliance.

Given these complexities and the importance of the Chinese market, Cegid China and 21Vianet are teaming up to share our perspective on how to overcome these challenges, leveraging our extensive experience supporting retailers like Pandora, Longchamp or L’Occitane en Provence in China.