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Talent Management

3 New Ways To Build Your Candidate Pipeline

Ensure you are looking for talent where talent lives, and this is not just on the top 3 local typical platforms, one size does not fit all.

Article 18 January 2019 2 min

Talent Management

How to Measure Your Recruitment Strategies’ Performance the Right Way

According to a 2017 CROP-CRHA survey, fifty-three percent (53%) of workers believe that their organization has a high turnover rate.

Article 18 January 2019 2 min

Talent Management

Looking for Talent? Rethink Your Strategy!

Improving rewards for employee loyalty is common practice. But is it effective? According to the 2016 HR Barometer from Ordre des conseillersen ressourceshumainesagréé (CRHA) – not really.

Article 18 January 2019 3 min

Talent Management

Can the Public Sector Manage Talent?

If the old saying is correct, in that companies are only as good as their staff, when it comes to Governments and Public Service…

Article 23 November 2018 6 min

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Talent Management

HR In Healthcare: Better Management Means Better Care

When thinking of patient care quality, the state of a health care facility’s Human Resource Management system may be the last thing on your mind. But of

Article 19 November 2018 5 min

Retail & Distribution

Is Your Retail Business Surge-Ready? How to Keep up with Customer Activity Peaks

Retailers work hard to get consumers excited about shopping their brand. Sometimes that pays off in a big way: a flash sale, Black Friday, Prime Day, a sidewalk sale, a…

Article 15 November 2018 4 min

Retail & Distribution

Cegid Retail named “Best fit for international fashion, luxury, and beauty retailers” in the Forrester Wave™ Point Of Service, Q3 2018

The Forrester Wave' is a must-read for digital leaders in midsize, large and international retail, and they've awarded Cegid as the 'best fit' for luxury retailers.

Article 9 November 2018 2 min

Talent Management

Four essential keys to effective and successful Onboarding.

When welcoming a new employee, a company must meet four essential criteria to ensure a successful integration.

Article 7 November 2018 2 min

Talent Management

HR Marketing: Making your corporate brand unique.

Making your corporate brand exclusive to recruitment is an obsolete practice that unfortunately dominates many organizations. The talent war is,

Article 5 November 2018 4 min

Talent Management

Talent Management: Integration, Transition, and ending the Employee Life Cycle

Everything has been disrupted in favor of acceleration! New trades and knowhow are emerging, while others are doomed to disappear. Employees are more mobile,…

Article 5 November 2018 3 min

Talent Management

Analytics: responding to the performance needs of HR decision-makers

The HR function and the HRM business are shaken up by digital technology. Perhaps more than any other professions, because the use of data…

Article 5 November 2018 5 min