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Navigating the transition: what retailers should do as Workplace by Meta Sunsets

As a friendly guide, our team here at Cegid is on hand to help you navigate this transition smoothly and effectively.

Article 20 June 2024 3 min

Retail Technology Show 2024
Retail & Distribution

The Retail Technology Show 2024: AI, The Future of Tech and Customer Experience

The Retail Technology Show 2024 was a resounding success, full to the brim with industry leaders showcasing the latest innovations in retail. Despite the great variety of talks and presentations,…

Article 22 May 2024 4 min

Retail & Distribution

Navigating the Forecourt Sector: Insights from the Forecourt Show 2024

The show and accompanying discussions highlighted the challenges and opportunities facing forecourt retailers in a shifting fuel and vehicle market

Article 17 May 2024 3 min

Retail & Distribution

Unlocking Success: Cegid’s Dubai PoD Revolutionises Retail in the Middle East

Discover how Cegid's new Point of Delivery (PoD) in Dubai empowers retailers to thrive in the rapidly expanding Middle Eastern market, supported by expertise, security, and compliance.

Article 23 April 2024 2 min

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Retail & Distribution

The Future of Luxury Retail: 5 Trends to Stay Ahead

The luxury market is expected to grow by 2% to 4% in 2024, with regional and national variations, according to an analysis by McKinsey. Luxury retail is expected to reach…

Article 14 February 2024 5 min

Retail & Distribution

Decoding Gen Z: Key Behavioural and Consumer Trends

Explore transformative insights from NRF 2024 in NYC, unveiling actionable strategies for retailers to authentically engage with Generation Z. Discover the evolving priorities of Gen Z, their shopping habits, their…

Article 9 February 2024 2 min

Retail Trends 2024
Retail & Distribution

Retail Trends 2024: Generative AI, Mobile Commerce & Sustainable Shopping

Discover how AI is reshaping the retail trends in 2024 with personalized shopping, sustainability, and the rise of mobile commerce. Stay ahead with insights on the future of retail.

Article 30 January 2024 4 min

Retail & Distribution

10 Questions to Help Assess Your Retail Business’ Digital Maturity

Digital maturity is a key factor to success in today’s retail world. Do you want to know how to calculate your level of digital maturity? Learn about our Digital Maturity…

Article 30 January 2024 4 min

Retail & Distribution

Retail Customer Experience Trends 2024 and Strategy

Let’s explore 4 ways that are proven to help retailers power up the retail customer experience deliver for store associates, customers, and retailers’ bottom line.

Article 19 December 2023 3 min

Sustainability in Retail: Opportunities and Challenges
Retail & Distribution

Sustainability in Retail: Opportunities and Challenges

Investing in sustainability in retail is important to meet customer needs and essential to grow and stay competitive. However, the challenge for retailers is daunting and it becomes essential to…

Article 16 November 2023 4 min

Dark Stores and Micro Fulfilment Centers: Exploring the Pros and Cons
Retail & Distribution

Unlocking the Last Mile: Exploring the Pros and Cons of Dark Stores and Micro Fulfilment Centres

What are dark stores and micro-fulfilment centres, and how do they operate? These miniature logistic hubs are already revolutionising the retail world but should not be seen as alternatives to…

Article 15 November 2023 4 min