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Retail & Distribution

How will retailers build the store of the future for the digital customer?

Retailers are building the store of the future on a foundation built from understanding how their customers’ behaviour has changed over the last two years. Research by Cegid uncovers the…

Article 28 April 2022 3 min

Retail & Distribution

How store associates are remaking retail

Being able to perform the many new roles that changing customer behaviour has brought about will depend on the deployment of smart technology…

Article 25 March 2022 3 min

Talent Management

Reconnect: 2022 HR Trend #2

This second HR trend for 2022 is about making work human again – bringing connection back to the center of work, focusing again on creating…

Article 16 March 2022 4 min

Retail & Distribution

Deliver perfect visual merchandising across your store portfolio

Your London flagship looks incredible, and you know it – you have visited the store yourself. You were involved in the set-up process; you were present at the unveiling, and…

Article 16 March 2022 3 min

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Talent Management

Redeploy: 2022 HR Trend #3

To remain competitive, react quickly to technological and economic changes, and become a future-proof organization, new skills and competencies are needed. Especially when you consider that by 2030 about 1…

Article 16 March 2022 4 min

Talent Management

Realign: 2022 HR Trend #1

Over time it’s easy to lose sight of our priorities, which creates misalignment with our practices. This can lead to a lack of bottom-line impact in the long run.

Article 16 March 2022 4 min

Talent Management

Retraining, Upgrading, and Acquiring Skills in Response to Automation

The pandemic has disrupted the daily lives of employees, who have been forced to work remotely and automate some of their tasks to ensure business.

Article 8 March 2022 4 min


Cegid’s statement regarding the current international crisis

We have implemented additional cyber security measures, namely a surveillance team that will closely monitor the situation and immediately take action if required.

Article 4 March 2022 2 min

Talent Management

10 Cegid-Talentsoft Game Changer Features & Functionalities that you need in your HR Strategy in 2022

If you're looking for a platform to help you unlock the potential of your talent, you're in the right place!

Article 21 February 2022 6 min

Talent Management

The Top Most Important Canadian HR Technology Conferences to Attend in 2022

Whether you are planning to upgrade, renew or acquire an HR solution, here are the Top HR Conferences to be in 2022 in Canada.

Article 18 February 2022 4 min

Retail & Distribution

How four retail brands plan to make things easier for shoppers in-store and better for staff in 2022

The advent of omnichannel in retail requires having the right tools: to streamline the checkout process and ensure a better customer experience in stores. Here’s some feedback from four different…

Article 17 February 2022 4 min