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Talent Management

Cegid: Helping a Large Government Organization grow its talent

A large administrative branch of the Quebec Government needed to modernize their performance and skills management tools. Thanks to Cegid Talent, they are now pioneering…

Article 27 May 2021 3 min

Talent Management

Salaries: why the hush-hush?

In North America, just like in France, large companies must disclose the CEO-to-worker pay ratio. Should all such data become public everywhere? This question is worth considering.

Article 26 May 2021 2 min

Talent Management

HR Analytics: A Great Leap Forward

Since its inception, business intelligence has become a guiding tool on all levels of an organization… except in human resources. HR managers are the first…

Article 26 May 2021 3 min

Human Resources

Why Is Employee Well-Being Important at Work?

Employee well-being often seems to be an aspect of work companies put-off focusing on until it’s too late.

Article 25 May 2021 6 min

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Retail & Distribution

Cegid launches new retail data centre in China!

Cegid has opened a new SaaS data centre in China to help retailers comply with local laws & regulations in the country. Learn more in our retail blog.

Article 17 May 2021 3 min

Human Resources

Welcome to the Era of People Analytics

Advancements in HR analytics are making organizations more data-driven than ever Creating a data-driven business culture is not a new concept by any means.…

Article 3 May 2021 6 min

Talent Management

What is Company Culture? 4 Things We’ve Noticed About Culture in 2021

What is Company Culture? 4 Things We’ve Noticed About Culture in 2021 - CEGID Meta Desc: Company culture in 2021 is core issue. Listen to our 3 podcasts and read…

Article 22 April 2021 7 min

Talent Management

What is Company Culture? 4 Things We’ve Noticed About Culture in 2021

Company culture – what is it exactly and how is this hard-to-define concept evolving in 2021? What’s important to consider when trying to build a strong corporate culture and how…

Article 22 April 2021 6 min

Human Resources

Culture Matters: Why Talentsoft Launched a Company-Wide Culture Project in 2020

Company culture is often seen as an intangible concept. And even if you can find a good dictionary definition, what does a great company culture…

Article 16 April 2021 3 min

Human Resources

Why Humility Is Critical for Agile Leadership

Being an agile leader requires embracing an element of humility. Here are a few reasons why agile leadership is the key to creating engagement in the workplace.

Article 12 April 2021 6 min

Human Resources

Why Being a Strong Leader Requires Good Listening Skills

A key characteristic for what makes a good manager today revolves around making a conscious effort to improve listening skills Last week, on

Article 6 April 2021 6 min