Reveal your talent’s full potential.

Transform your organisation in a profound way, thanks to our software that gives you all the talent management tools you need.

Bring out the best in each person

Encourage your talent to train in new skills, give your managers a more global view with 360° feedback, and reveal trends thanks to advanced HR indicators.

  • Encourage training in new skills.
  • Give your managers a more global view with 360° feedback.
  • Find out which skills your organisation is missing thanks to advanced HR indicators.

Fix objectives, obtain results

Our software facilitates team coaching by managers and collaboration across your organisation. Set your goal and track the progress of your objectives (OKRs).

  • Facilitate employee coaching by managers.
  • Track the progress of your objectives and key results (OKRs).
  • Help your employees to unlock their potential and go beyond expectations.

Find your talent management matrix

Our software allows you to measure individual and collective performance, and to identify potential, in order to anticipate growth scenarios for your talent and your organisation as a whole.

  • Measure individual and collective performance.
  • Identify actions to be implemented.
  • Anticipate your next steps and get an overall vision of your company.

What our clients say about us

Develop your salary assessment processes

Our software is designed to connect performance and salary — it helps managers to take decisions based on clear indicators, without losing sight of dedicated budgets.

  • Connect performance and salary.
  • Make decisions based on clear indicators.
  • Simplify the salary review.

Find the right profile

Cegid Talentsoft brings together all the information about your talent (from their experience to their training, skills and aspirations) to allow you to link talents and opportunities.

  • Easily link talent with opportunity.
  • Simple access to all your employee information (from their previous jobs to their training, skills and aspirations).
  • Identify the potential you already have internally.

Find your next opportunity

Talent Marketplace is an AI app to optimise the deployment of talent within the organisation, using skills matching and mapping.

  • Use AI to optimise your workforce, thanks to skill matching and mapping.
  • Your employees can easily search for the next step for their career.
  • Encourage them to seek new opportunities with the opportunity marketplace.

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