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Retail & Distribution

Frictionless Retail: Digitizing the Store

Technology has reshaped much of the world as we know it, and the retail industry is no exception.

Article 14 October 2016 6 min

Retail & Distribution


Lots of people thought that online retailing would cannibalize retail store sales and that ‘clicks’ were going to slowly kill brick-and-mortar stores.

Article 27 September 2016 6 min

Retail & Distribution

Crunch is Building its Software Muscles with Cegid Cloud

America’s leading health club chain turned to Cegid to shift its retail operations to the cloud, further simplifying overall IT infrastructure and supporting expansion strategy.

Article 25 September 2016 3 min

Retail & Distribution

Benefits of Taking Your Retail Business to the Cloud

From real-time access to inventory to scaling your technology - cloud benefits for retailers are invaluable. Discover our cloud retail software today.

Article 7 September 2016 6 min

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Retail & Distribution

Music is playing to sell

If smells are essential to creating the perfect mood in-store, so is the musical atmosphere. It’s hard to imagine a large store or clothing boutique without background music.

Article 7 July 2016 2 min

Retail & Distribution

Four Reasons Retailers are Upgrading Their Retail Management Systems

Regardless of their size, an increasing number of merchants are upgrading their retail management systems. But what’s behind the move?

Article 6 July 2016 3 min

Retail & Distribution

The Growing Importance of the Store Visit

Centralised retail operations, well-trained field teams, and effective store visit practices ensure your store delivers on it’s brand promise. But, why is the store audit becoming more important than ever before?

Article 4 July 2016 2 min

Retail & Distribution

Omnichannel enhances the shopping journey

Shopping has evolved to a complete journey. Learn how omnichannel retailing enhances the customer's shopping experience to increase sales online and in-store.

Article 15 June 2016 4 min

Retail & Distribution

Sensploration in luxury retail

Imagine walking into your local shopping center. You can hear the chatter of people and smell fresh coffee from one of the nearby cafes. Beautiful…

Article 14 June 2016 5 min

Retail & Distribution

Four reasons why retailers are choosing Cloud POS

In recent years, an increasing number of retailers have made a transition from traditional POS to cloud POS architecture.

Article 18 May 2016 3 min

Retail & Distribution

From Functional to Fashionable: The continued rise of wearable technology

The evolution of the retail world has been a whirlwind of innovation.

Article 18 May 2016 5 min