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Retail & Distribution

POS Software: Where to Go From Here

As seen on RIS News. Interview with Sylvain Jauze, International Operations Director, Cegid Group Shoppers today flow seamlessly between the…

Article 27 July 2017 4 min

Retail & Distribution

Cloud POS Leader for Omnichannel Retailers

As see on RetailCIO Outlook Magazine “Retailers are saying goodbye to the point-of-sale as we know it,” begins Dan Friedman, COO, Cegid North America. “Point-of-service…

Article 27 July 2017 6 min

Retail & Distribution

Clienteling: Solving the Personalization Riddle

Retailers are working diligently to build customer-centric enterprises designed to personalize the shopping experience for consumers.

Article 27 July 2017 3 min

Retail & Distribution

POS Software: Embrace the Cloud

Cloud technology is a great leveler for retailers of all sizes. It enables small companies to deliver the same connected retail experiences to customers as very large organizations.

Article 26 July 2017 1 min

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Retail & Distribution

Retailers on the Move with Mobile POS

The store is still the strong heart of retail, offering consumers the opportunity to touch, feel, try on, explore, engage and buy, all under one roof.

Article 17 July 2017 3 min

Retail & Distribution

Unified Commerce: An Operations Director’s Top 5 Priorities

Operations Directors have been at the forefront of the omnichannel revolution, driving strategic change while managing the day-to-day challenges of uniting digital and physical touchpoints.

Article 3 July 2017 5 min

Retail & Distribution

STORE 2017: Captured Excitement of Today’s Retail Opportunities

This year’s STORE2017 conference reverberated with transformative trends that are shaping the retail world. Key among these trends is retail’s digitization, which…

Article 29 June 2017 3 min

Retail & Distribution

Raising the Benchmark of a Good Customer Experience

Retailers are no strangers to the concept of remodeling their businesses. Fresh assortments, new products, updated store décor and differentiated marketing are all part and parcel of running a successful…

Article 14 June 2017 4 min

Retail & Distribution

Unified Commerce: a CIO’s Top 5 Priorities

Creating a seamless shopping experience for consumers, across whichever channels they happen to choose, has been the principal focus in omnichannel retailing over the last three years. However, the bar…

Article 13 June 2017 5 min

Retail & Distribution

Meet Us at Influence17

SPS Commerce Influence17 is set to help retailers, suppliers and partners build collaborative trading relationships for the age of digital retail.

Article 21 April 2017 1 min

Retail & Distribution

Cegid Connections 2017 – Day 1: Setting the Stage

Cegid’s international user conference, Cegid Connections, is currently taking place in Budapest. Key themes on the agenda include: unified commerce, digitization, customer experience and international development. It’s a busy 3-days…

Article 20 April 2017 2 min