Talentsoft is now Cegid

Last year, Talentsoft was acquired by Cegid. Today marks the start of a new chapter as Cegid.

Rethink work experience for
lasting performance

Our open HCM platform provides talent management solutions that help HR and IT leaders
like you rethink work experience for lasting performance.


And most importantly,
how is Cegid helping you?

A comprehensive HR offer

Improve decisions and provide personalized employee experience to manage the transformation of your organization with our global HCM platform. All your HR data is centralized, enabling you to accelerate HRIS productivity to feed your HR processes and employee services from Talent Acquisition to Talent Management.

Presence throughout Europe and beyond

We’re a European-born innovator and leader, present across the continent and beyond. We offer a fresh take on people management with EU best practices in mind, meeting EU requirements first, and always staying ahead of complex EU regulations.

More high-quality innovation at speed

We’ve combined our R&D capabilities in a spirit of co-creation, meaning that we can offer you the latest innovations faster than ever before. Our developers, UX designers, DevOps engineers, automated testers and data analysts are committed to delivering fresh solutions that are completely user-centric.

We hope you’re as excited
for our future together as we are

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