Security and the Cloud: choose digital trust

Our defense and risk anticipation techniques incorporate a suite of technological, operational, and organizational processes that cover the entire data chain, from software publication to hosting. That give us end-to-end control so we can bring your data the level of security only an industrial players can offer.

ISO 27001 certification: certified trust

This certification, widely recognized in the Cloud industry, include a battery of legal, physical, and technical inspections of information risk management and confirm the quality of implementation and continuous improvement of our ISMS*.

ISO 27001 certification of Cegid Cloud and ISMS* infrastructure for hosting SaaS applications and customer data.

*Information Security Management System


Our infrastructure’s security technology is upgraded continuously

  • The infrastructures on which we design our SaaS applications are the most reputable platforms on the market. They are ISO 27001 certified.
  • Our datacenters (Tier 3 Category) are located all over the world and are protected by a set of anti-intrusion systems. They are coordinated from a center in Europe.
  • We regularly assess the performance and evolution of our ISMS* via constant monitoring, regular performance checks, and internal audits at planned intervals.

*Information Security Mangement System

R&D: the key to maintaining our high level of security

Continuous improvement

  • Improving our operational processes enables us to meet the security standards’ requirements (automation, devops process, etc.).
  • Data security on migration paths is integrated into our operational processes.
  • GDPR compliance is covered both technically and contractually and is coordinated by our DPO (Data Protection Officer).

Security by design

We are always looking for new security practices:

  • We perform targeted security intelligence and regularly send news and updates to our teams.
  • Our security officers ensure that the development teams apply best practices for security.
  • development committee and working groups that bring together all the Cegid teams involved in our products’ life cycles are tasked with continuous improvement.

The Cloud: improving security

When combined with the right security solutions, the Cloud offers the best guarantees for open yet secure networks and infrastructure.






Choose experienced security professionals to protect your data

  • Incidents and data are monitored in real time. Our teams identify, evaluate, and correct any vulnerabilities to limit exposure to attacks.
  • The Cloud process operational systems are monitored, analyzed and improved from end to end, 24/7.
  • The teams are regularly trained on security and confidentiality best practices (integration process, methods, etc.) and ensure compliance with the security rules. They are committed to keeping your data confidential and to using it exclusively for service implementation.
  • Finally, a close partnership with the DevOps teams ensures that you are protected by a consistent, high-performance, holistic IT security policy.

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