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Cegid Talentsoft is a full HR suite that supports your HR administration, talent acquisition, talent management and learning.

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Build a real candidate experience

Simplified and improved candidate experience and technologies to ease recruiters’ challenges

Unleash your employees’ potential

Cegid Talentsoft has a tangible impact on employee engagement, development and work experience.

Boost your employees’ skills

From learning administration to content accessibility cover your different learning management needs effectively

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Get a snapshot of Talentsoft HR suite to see how it can support your needs from HR administration to your learning administration processes.

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Core HR

Talent Acquisition

Talent Management


Core HR

Your HR administration and beyond

Cegid Talentsoft offers a unique combination of a robust and unified Core HR features like HR administration automation, advanced reporting and document management features. You can also be flexible with your data by opting for a hybrid, primary or secondary model

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Employees personal data

Employee administration at your fingertip

Manage and trace every type of employee and organizational data regardless of your company’s structure with an intuitive and easy to use interface. You can also go beyond traditional employee information by allowing your employees to share their skill set, and even professionnal experience.

Position Management

Smoothly manage your organization chart

Manage your organization chart, create new positions and automatically add it to the structure and make them visible in the position chart. You’ll also be able to manage the positions that are overstaffed to facilitate contracts management and facilitate employees’ mobility

Analytics Core HR

Bring data to the core of your HR administration

Cegid Talentsoft enlightens HR decisions and increases agility when considering action plans. It allows you to anticipate future challenges, measure the effect of decision making, and adjust those decisions along the way by providing you access to wide range of indicators and customizable reports

Employee portal

The informations your employees need

Talentsoft employees’ portal gives access to different set of information, forms, documents,training opportunities, internal job vacancies, performance objectives and reviews. It’s also a space where your employees can interact with collegues and internal partners.

Manager portal

Increase your managers’ productivity

A dedicated manager profile with a wide range of information like organization charts, career profiles, and team or individual employee snapshots. It also provides easy-to-use widgets to give your managers access to their performance reviews processes, analytics, and to their team’s trainings.

Talent Acquisition

Automation from sourcing to recruiting

Our flexible solution helps you set up a recruitment strategy adapted to your needs while ensuring a positive experience for both recruiters and candidates. From candidate sourcing to onboarding, boost up your talent acquisition process.

Career site & candidate portal

Give the best impression to your candidate

Easily create your own career site for publishing your recruitment vacancies and communicate with your candidates to give a follow up on their application progress. Create a career site and a candidate portal that fits with your and designed to withstand a large number of login connections.


Make sure te be seen by your candidates

Automate and manage the posting of your job offers on multiple job boards instantaneously, one platforme and one single billing, get embedded suggestion to increase the performance and the visibility of your job offer in a few clicks.

Reporting and analytics

Adopt a data driven talent acquisition

With a set of 27 standard reports, Excel + customization capabilities, or a dedicated analytic module to access to different recruitment metrics (vacancy requests, recuitement duration, etc.) customizable with drag and drop action, pilot your recruitement with reliable data

Internal mobility

Make internal opportunities accessible

Help your employees accessing to different internal job opportunities and the differnet vacancies with a cross-functional search engine. Your employees can also keep an eye on internal opportunities with updated mobility alerts, referral programs and a mobile app accessibility

Agency Portal

Make your external recruiter’s life easier

Rely on external recuitement partners in total efficiency by centralizing interactions using your Talentsoft recruitement back office, and increase visibility of your different partners on the differnet profile you receive.

Talent management

Make your workforce grow along with your business

Continuously manage performance, keep conversations flowing, evaluate talent, make skills-based talent decisions, and align goals to evolving business priorities. Give your employees visbility on their career and developement perspective to help them develop along with your organization

Performance management

Pilote your employee performance effectively

Manage all types of evaluation processes from self-assessment to bottom-up reviews, and customize your appraisal forms and analytics to apply performance-based bonus calculations. You can handle all the steps of the appraisal process with different workflows.

Continuous conversation

Bring feedback to your employee objective

Facilitates conversations between managers and employees with real-time feedbacks. Collaborating on goals with cross-team contributors makes for a more collaborative performance review, and get a more realistic overview of your employees’ objectives

Talent Management Analytics

Data to manage your employee performance

Access to pre-packaged dashboards, customized graphs, tables, and key information on talent review objectives and campaigns.
Access to a wide range performance management metrics to reinforce your talent management

Talent review

Transparency on your talent pool

Our Talent Grid and Talent Box allow you to screen your talent pool based on specific analysis criteria. Simulate individual and collective employees’ evolution to identify and prioritise areas of improvement to design development & succession plans based on your talents’ needs and potential.

Salary Review

Manage your talent management effectively

Integrate any compensation policy to adapt the salary review process to the organization’s challenges and allow managers to make enlightened decisions thanks to real-time indicators. Effectivelly distribute rewards, stock options, bonuses, and promotions.


Reduce skills gap and empower your talents

Develop your employees skills starting with an intuitive catalog that brings blended courses and collaborative learning into the flow of work. With a wide variety of training content up to learning administration automation, manage your learning process effectively

Training Management System

Support your employees on their skills development

Create and manage customisable training content for each learner’s career development needs and targeted skills. Automate your training management, from your legal reporting and certifaction to budget management, and insure a great employee learninig journey in total productivity

Learning Content Management System

Promote the right content to your training programs

Design, distribute and promote courses with e-learning capsules for targeted skills with content from micro learning to gamification. Pilot your employees progress through multiple variables (time spent, average score, answers, drop outs, etc.) and garantee the success of your training initiatives

Learning Management System

Oversee your learning strategy effectiveness

Follow up with your training initiative progress and achievements through a training calendar with details on enrollments or activities, most popular, active/inactive contacts, and brings a collaborative touch by enabling feedback from your learners.

Learning Content

Your training content ready to go

A content-as-a-service platform that provides access to third-party services that lets you browse and watch exclusive content from the best publishers. Enrich your catalogue with a digital training offer with off-the-shelf e-learning and videos tailored to your employees’ learning needs.

Training Analytics

Makes your training data insighful

Follow up with your training results using dynamic dashboards and fully configurable reports. Analyse the list of trainings for enrolled employees and find out attendance, completion status, certificates awarded, an give your HR and training experts the assets necessary for data driven decisions

"Since 2018, the Lacoste Group has been pursuing the objective of offering a unified and digitised HR experience for all its employees. Thanks to Talentsoft's solution, we can take a big step forward in our plan and achieve our objectives."

Stéphane Morillon

HRIS Director - Lacoste Group | Luxury products

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