Omnichannel Supply Chain – Cegid Retail

Optimize inventory

Harness the benefits of centralized stock management and gain a single, real-time view of your inventory to guarantee product availability and capture every sales opportunity.

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Benefit from comprehensive procurement management

Effectively executing on your supply chain processes is crucial to ensuring product availability. Cegid Retail offers integrated procurement empowering you to seamlessly manage all aspects of your processes. From managing your suppliers and generating purchase orders to efficiently tracking the transportation and reception of your goods, verifying invoices, and monitoring purchasing costs, Cegid Retail enables you to analyse and optimise your performance with ease.

Single stock management

Ensure all stock is accessible

To fulfil your customers’ needs effortlessly, it’s essential to have access to all your available stocks, whether they are in the warehouse or in-store. With Cegid Retail, you have the advantage of real-time visibility of your entire stock, making it readily accessible for any omnichannel scenario. Additionally, Cegid Retail enables your store associates to efficiently manage in-store stock via a mobile POS. They can perform a wide range of tasks, such as checking stock availability, rotation, complete inventory, goods receipt, inter-store transfers, omnichannel picking, dispatch, and more. With Cegid Retail, you’ll streamline stock management and exceed your customers’ expectations at every turn.


Optimise product availability in-store

Thanks to Cegid Retail’s advanced replenishment features, you will never miss a sale. The solution takes various factors into consideration, such as minimum or maximum stock levels, sales trends, and product life cycle, to optimise your replenishment process. Cegid Retail has a variety of simple and advanced calculation methods, empowering you to boost productivity and have the right stock available at the right place, every time.

Order management

Optimise your order management across all your channels

In response to your customers’ expectations of finding you across various channels, your stores have evolved into ‘connected hubs’ that manage a large number of orders. With a single repository that lists all available stock from all your various sales channels, a real-time view of stocks in your stores and in your warehouses, and a single management console with all your traffic management and operations, can optimise how you manage your orders and improve the customer experience. Cegid Retail includes a complete range of modular order management features that seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce sites, marketplaces and social commerce systems that make up your digital ecosystem so your customers can enjoy a smooth, seamless experience across all touchpoints.