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Career sites and employer branding

Enhance your employer brand and personalize the candidate experience. With Cegid Digitalrecruiters, you can publish career sites in your own colors before publishing on it all your advertisements. All in just a few clicks.

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Why choose Cegid Digitalrecruiters?

Promote your employer brand

By adding photos, videos, testimonials and key figures, you can personalize your career sites and enhance your employer brand.

Attract more qualified applicants

Post your job ads on an intuitive, immersive and contextualized interface to attract qualified applicants in record time.

Save time, boost your autonomy!

Reduce the time you spend posting job ads. In just a few clicks, you can create a career site that reflects your image with no developer.

Discover Cegid Digitalrecruiters career sites

Rely on a complete solution to promote your employer brand. And it starts with a unique candidate pathway. Revolutionize your practices by offering unique experiences to each profile according to its context, location, language and the state of the local market. The interface is so fluid, ergonomic and intuitive that your candidates will apply seamlessly.

Complete website and CMS

Enriched job offers

Advanced search

Customizable route

Complete website and CMS

Create rich and powerful career sites

Customize the candidate pathway for each entity, position and employment area. To receive qualified applications, define the required information, configure your selection questionnaire and propose the right interview format (on-site, live or replay).

Enriched job offers

Put your candidates at the heart of their future jobs

Stand out from your competitors with unique and immersive offers. Contextualize each job ad with automatically managed photos, videos and testimonials. Your candidates can even identify, in just a few clicks, their travel time from home for an even more intuitive experience.

Advanced search

Looking for a job has never been easier

Geolocalized search, by brand, by keywords, by commuting time, … Your career site offers the best of the web, so that your candidates’ experience reflects your employer brand. Candidates are reassured by a seamless online experience, and are more likely to apply for your vacancies.

Customizable route

Tailor the candidate path to the specific context

Are you recruiting in employment areas, professions and volumes that vary from one entity to another? Deploy tailor-made career paths according to the challenges of the position and local market tension. Custom forms, one-click application, qualification questionnaires… Define and adapt each step!

Customisable candidate journey

Cegid Digitalrecruiters transforms your recruitment and employer brand

Want to find out more about career sites? Ask our experts for a personalized demonstration to find out how DR meets your needs.

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Phygitale candidate path

Responsive and multilingual

Customizable experience

Phygitale candidate path

Offer a seamless experience, even in-store

Do your candidates bring resumes to your stores/offices? Digitalize and exploit them with Cegid Digitalrecruiters. With a simple click, your job ads are exported as QR Code poster. By flashing it, candidates apply to your job offers as if they were using their phone or computer.

Responsive and multilingual

An optimal experience in every circumstance

Do your candidates use different devices? Don’t they all speak the same language? Not a problem with Cegid Digitalrecruiters. Your career site automatically adapts to all languages and devices (desktop, smartphone, etc.) for a unique candidate experience.

Customisable candidate journey

Customizable experience

Create career sites for all your brands

Do you have several brands or entities to promote? With Cegid Digitalrecruiters, publish as many career sites as you need. Manage access for each entity, while centralizing recruitment. If need be, build an umbrella careers site federating all your network’s offers.

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Cegid Digitalrecruiters offers a wide range of HR and HRIS integrations. And if you don’t yet have the integration you need, our APIs are at your service!

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Cegid Digitalrecruiters is designed for all types of company, whatever their size or sector of activity.

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