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Telecommunications, networks & energy recruitment software

Recruitment management

Use Cegid Digitalrecruiters to recruit telecom, network and energy technicians and engineers. Ergonomic and adapted to multi-location recruitment, it speeds up the hiring process for all profiles.

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A high level of skills for better service

Between rapid technological change, growing infrastructure needs and sustainable resource management, telecoms requirements are constantly increasing. To meet them, you need to recruit profiles with specialized skills. Identify them quickly with Cegid Digitalrecruiters. With advanced qualification options, you can select only those candidates who meet your criteria. You’ll be sure to develop your networks.


Why choose Cegid Digitalrecruiters?

Less turnover, more efficiency

Motivate new recruits with a smooth career path and onboarding. Turnover will be a thing of the past!

Leave scarcity to your competitors

With an attractive career path and multi-casting, you’ll boost the volume of applications. Deploy your network without constraints.

Recruit everywhere, all the time

With an ATS that adapts to the organization, the job and the local context, each offer is customized. The strength of your networks is guaranteed.

Your challenges, our solutions!

Native ad delivery

Distribute your offers across all channels and increase your audience

Distribute your job offers to numerous sites natively or via our multicasting partners. Up to 3,500 French and international sites.

Contextualizing job ads

Plunge your candidates into the heart of the jobs you offer with contextualized ads

Because every job is unique, contextualize your ads with contextualized photos, videos or testimonials. You’ll make the difference with candidates

Collaborative recruitment

Speed up recruitment with a collaborative ATS

Access the history of exchanges with each candidate, ask the people involved in recruitment, share your comments, interviews, etc.

Customizable candidate experience

Tailor the candidate’s career path to each context, location, entity or job type

Each job ad has its own specific challenges in terms of requirements. Create a customized career path with questionnaires, video interviews, tests, etc.

Complete your Cegid Digitalrecruiters solution


ATS and CRM for managing your recruitment, advertising and developing your talent pool!

  • Customise recruitment processes without limit
  • Publish and distribute enhanced ads in just a few clicks!
  • Quickly sort your applications and communicate with just one click
  • Organise your interviews on "autopilot" mode

Career sites

Set up a careers site in your colours in just a few clicks!

  • Create a rich, high-impact careers site in just a few clicks
  • Looking for a job has never been easier or more visual
  • Put your candidates at the heart of the jobs you offer
  • Adapt the candidate path and its stages to suit each context

Our recommended solutions for your challenges

Cegid Digitalrecruiters is designed for all types of company, whatever their size or sector of activity.

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