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Cegid Digitalrecruiters

The recruitment platform bringing success to decentralised organisations


Cegid Digitalrecruiters is aimed at companies with 250+ employees

Cegid Digitalrecruiters is successful in helping decentralised companies looking to speed up the process of launching, converting and simplifying their recruitment, improving their profitability.

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Cegid’s promise

Why choose Cegid Digitalrecruiters?

A new generation ATS

An all-in-one ATS that saves you time: Post ads and manage your applications in a few clicks

Easily manage your employer brand

Create responsive career sites in a few clicks and publish contextualized candidate experiences for each recruitment

Enriched candidate experience

Offer personalized and engaging recruiting paths to your candidates

ATS and CRM recruitment

Careers site and Candidate journey

ATS and CRM recruitment

ATS and CRM to manage your recruitment processes, distribute your adverts and expand your talent pool!

Design tailor-made candidate journeys and automate your actions, distribute your offers in bulk and increase your audience with 360° sourcing to hundreds of job boards.
Produce a 100% qualified talent pool with integrated parsing and easily notify your candidates by email or SMS. Lastly, take an overview and manage your recruitment activity more precisely with ready-to-use statistics.

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Customised recruitment processes

Unlimited customisation of the recruitment process

Model your organisation directly in Cegid Digitalrecruiters and activate customised candidate journeys with just a few clicks for each entity, each position and each employment area. In each context, you define the information required to apply, configure your selection questionnaire and propose the appropriate interview format (in-person, live or pre-recorded video).

Publication and distribution of adverts

Edit and distribute enhanced adverts with just a few clicks!

Your teams and operations managers now have control, allowing them to easily publish job offers with just a few clicks! Choice of the advert template, type of position, customisation, distribution and sharing to Indeed, Pôle Emploi and more than 3500 job sites: publishing an advert is now child’s play!

Enhanced job adverts

Quickly sort your applications and communicate in one click

Save time on a daily basis with our many tools dedicated to making your work easier, both in sorting your candidates and in communicating with them. Automatic parsing of CVs, questionnaires, scorecard and assessment integration, but also bulk sending of customised emails and SMSs: all of your filters and actions are just a click away!

Candidate interview planning

Organise your interviews in “automatic pilot” mode

No more time lost organising interviews or reminding candidates! Cegid Digitalrecruiters ensures these steps proceed smoothly with innovative solutions such as self-service interviews connected to recruiters’ diaries and automatic callbacks for your candidates.

Collaborative recruitment

Ensure perfect collaboration on each recruitment process

Do you work in collaborative mode with managers and other recruiters? With Cegid Digitalrecruiters you can call upon everyone involved in a recruitment process, share your comments, video interviews and tests with the participants of your choice, and speed up the decision-making process! All the exchanges are centralised and accessible to your employees, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Better still, you don’t even need a Cegid Digitalrecruiters account, just share what you need, with everything optimised for mobile display.

Managing the candidate pool

Finding candidates has never been so easy

No limits to your filtering of the talent pool, with the semantic search and advanced Boolean filters. Still want more? Save your candidate searches and apply them whenever you like!

Careers site and Candidate journey

Roll out your own customised careers site with just a few clicks!

Roll out your own customised careers site with just a few clicks with our ultra-customisable CMS and immerse your candidates in their future job with our enhanced job adverts.
With our 100% responsive templates optimised for quick display and SEO, and available in all languages, you can offer all your candidates an ultra-fluid experience, wherever they may be.

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Careers site can be edited with complete CMS

Create a rich and striking careers site with just a few clicks

With just a few clicks, you can roll out a fully customisable careers site and stand out to candidates. Complete freedom to update your site and all its pages at any time, saving on development and maintenance costs.

Advanced advert search

Finding a job has never been such an easy and visual process

Geolocated search, search by brand, by key words, by commuting time? Your careers site offers the best of the web to ensure that you offer your candidates an experience in keeping with the standards of your employer brand.

Enhanced job adverts

Place your candidates at the heart of the jobs on offer

Stand out from your competitors and immerse candidates in the world of the jobs on offer. Since each job is unique, you can provide context for each advert with its own specific photos, videos or manager interviews. What else? Your candidates can discover their commuting time from home with a single click, for an even more user-friendly experience!

Customisable candidate journey

Adapt the candidate journey and its stages to each situation!

Do the employment areas, sectors and volumes from which you recruit vary from one entity to another? Roll out tailor-made experiences based on each situation to adapt both to the challenges of the position and the tensions in the market. Tailor-made forms, one-click applications, qualification questionnaires and much more besides… you know what you need, the choice is yours!

Customisable candidate journey

Responsive multi-language design and management

Compile your candidates from any device and in all languages!

Offer your candidates an optimal experience in all circumstances. Your careers site adapts automatically to any device (desktop, mobile, tablet) or the language of the candidate, from the presentation of the company through to the validation of the application in just a few clicks.

Phygital candidate experience

Offer a smooth experience, even in-store

Do your candidates submit CVs in person? With Cegid Digitalrecruiters, your adverts can be exported with a single click to a QR Code for easier applications, offering your candidates an identical experience to the one on the web.

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For us, Cegid Digitalrecruiters is an ultra-fluid, ultra-simple candidate experience with extremely reactive teams to support us.

Stéphanie Villot

HR Marketing Manager - GrandVision

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