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Human Resources

Learning From Failure Should Be Standard Business Practice

4 reasons why mistakes at work should be embraced as valuable learning moments The concept of failure is often cast in a negative light. But that…

Article 18 February 2021 1 min

Talent Management

HR Challenges and Prospects of Data-Driven Strategy

HR services allow a company to better manage its cost and optimize its investments during a recruitment campaign. The idea is to learn more about candidates’ behaviour.

Posts 16 February 2021 3 min

Retail & Distribution

Luxury new normal : Why Store Is Still Key

No longer the realm of the casual browser – at least not until global social-distancing measures are eased post-vaccine rollouts – luxury stores will cater for consumers who have already…

Posts 11 February 2021 4 min

Retail & Distribution

Why choose Cegid Retail’s Distributed Order management system for your unified commerce strategy?

Optimising fulfillment, increasing in-store sales, delivering a consistent customer experience - discover what our retail management system can do for you!

Article 11 February 2021 4 min

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Retail & Distribution

Luxury retail in 2021: 7 trends to watch

When personal distance becomes a premium and online shopping a standard, what role can the physical store play for brands? The physical space remains a crucial pillar for brands to…

Posts 26 January 2021 8 min

Human Resources

5 Steps for Developing and Implementing an Effective HR Strategy in 2021

The start of a new year is a perfect time for organizations, of all shapes and sizes, to revisit and revamp their overarching business strategies.

Article 22 January 2021 12 min

Talent Management

Alert on the commitment of your employees! – Gilles Verrier, founder of Identité RH

Gilles Verrier held HR responsibilities in renowned organizations such as Philips, Elf and Unilever, before becoming HR Director of the Decathlon Group.

Article 21 January 2021 3 min

Human Resources

People Managers, It’s Time to Brush Up On Your Soft Skills!

Here are 5 management and leadership skills to master in 2021 For all the good that technology has brought us—making it possible for teams to…

Article 13 January 2021 8 min

Talent Management

Building an Inclusive Workplace: What Does It Take?

For businesses of all shapes and sizes, 2020 brought challenges few would have predicted. In navigating a difficult year, innovative organizations have seen the opportunity to shift strategies around organizational… Learn more

Practical sheet 12 January 2021

Retail & Distribution

In-store digitisation: How to get closer at a distance

This new generation of store associate thus becomes a super salesperson, customer service assistant, stock checker, online order processor, all rolled into one, and able to move from task to…

Article 12 January 2021 2 min

Human Resources

HR Trends 2021: Authenticity

Employees bring their full selves to work and have done more in 2020 than ever before. And they expect their business leaders to do the…

Article 11 January 2021 9 min