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Talent Management

How to Make a Business Case for HR Software

As budgets tightened in 2020, companies focused their efforts on making remote work a successful experience for their teams. As we emerge from the pandemic, 2021 is HR’s chance to… Learn more

Ebook 7 June 2021

Retail & Distribution

China: Manage your retail business in compliance with the Cybersecurity Law

China has some of the most complex fiscal, legal, data protection and data storage regulations in the world. To enable retailers to fulfil local legal and commercial obligations, Cegid has… Learn more

Guide 28 May 2021

Talent Management

Cegid: Helping a Large Government Organization grow its talent

A large administrative branch of the Quebec Government needed to modernize their performance and skills management tools. Thanks to Cegid Talent, they are now pioneering…

Article 27 May 2021 3 min

Talent Management

Salaries: why the hush-hush?

In North America, just like in France, large companies must disclose the CEO-to-worker pay ratio. Should all such data become public everywhere? This question is worth considering.

Article 26 May 2021 2 min

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Talent Management

HR Analytics: A Great Leap Forward

Since its inception, business intelligence has become a guiding tool on all levels of an organization… except in human resources. HR managers are the first…

Article 26 May 2021 3 min

Human Resources

Why Is Employee Well-Being Important at Work?

Employee well-being often seems to be an aspect of work companies put-off focusing on until it’s too late.

Article 25 May 2021 6 min

Retail & Distribution

Cegid launches new retail data centre in China!

Cegid has opened a new SaaS data centre in China to help retailers comply with local laws & regulations in the country. Learn more in our retail blog.

Article 17 May 2021 3 min

Talent Management

4 Ways To Use HR Data To Improve Employee Experience

The insights you have are vital assets when it comes to understanding your employees and meeting their needs. Make sense of the endless sea of data you have at your… Learn more

Other resource 12 May 2021

Human Resources

How is HR evolving in 2021?

The events of 2020 thrust HR into an even more strategic position within the organization. While the Head of People has long had a seat at the top table, the…

Posts 11 May 2021 3 min

Retail & Distribution

Next-Gen Luxury: AR Technology, Appointment-Based Shopping and the Rise of Gen Z’s Influence

This report looks at how luxury brands are adapting to digital acceleration and transforming their business and customer experience models to re-create the luxury experience online, via tools such as… Learn more

Ebook 8 May 2021

Human Resources

Welcome to the Era of People Analytics

Advancements in HR analytics are making organizations more data-driven than ever Creating a data-driven business culture is not a new concept by any means.…

Article 3 May 2021 6 min