Unified commerce: Cegid launches new Distributed Order Management solution to ensure retailers never miss a sale

Madrid, May 2019, 20 – Cegid launches DOM (Distributed Order Management), a new solution to go even further in the Order Management System. This solution allows retailers to intelligently organise and coordinate orders placed through the various offline and online sales channels to better manage their inventory, never missing a sale. The DOM solution is being launched at the Cegid Connections Retail event in Madrid.



The store is not dead, it’s reinventing itself

Contrary to popular belief, the store is not dead in the era of unified commerce. 64% of retailers use their store as an online distribution centre, or plan to do so. The store has become a place to meet the expectations of consumers who want ultra-connected, personalised and expanded services. To meet these challenges and transform the point of sale into a connected hub where many customer interactions are managed, retailers need to have a 360-degree view of sales, customers and stock. To achieve this, they would need access to vital data to process orders in a relevant and cost-efficient manner. It is therefore essential that they have the required tools to maximise on customer experience.


DOM, to go further in omnichannel

Cegid responds to retailer needs through the order management system with its new DOM (Distributed Order Management) solution to optimise inventory management and stock locations. Through a single repository combining different sales channels, a real-time view of inventory management in-store and across all channels, a single control drive of all operations and flow management, retailers can focus on ensuring their customers’ purchases are available and sales are never missed. The DOM solution adapts to any company size and can be easily implemented by Cegid Retail in addition to existing OMS solutions. For international retailers, the solution can integrate and adapt depending on the needs of each market. For customers, the purchase is easy – you can buy online or in store without constraint and without risk of a product not being available.


Other news announcements at Cegid Connections Retail

Cegid Connections in Madrid (15th to 17th May) brings together over 450 retail professionals, Cegid’s expert teams and its partner distributors. It is the perfect opportunity to announce other major innovations for the retail sector:

  • Expansion of the worldwide cloud in Asia to facilitate access to the Asian market for Cegid customers
  • New versions on all Cegid Retail mobile applications, which cover all the store functions, from the back end of the store, to front of store clienteling, and mobile POS.

Most of the new designed solutions have been co-created with Cegid customers, based on relevant insights, to improve understanding of the issues and validate ergonomics and usability. Reseller and integrator partners have been able to access new digital services to improve the transfer of skills (via MOOCs) and the availability of pre-packaged versions of Cegid Retail Y2 to facilitate and accelerate the deployment of their customers. The Cegid Life portal, which streamlines the exchanges between customers and the Customer Care Cegid service, is enriched with digital content. Finally, this event is also an opportunity for delegates to hear Cegid’s client success stories, such as Aesop, Devred and Eram for example.


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