Cegid Launches Cegid Talent Plug & Play Edition to Facilitate the Digital Transformation of HR Departments

Montreal, October 14, 2020 – Cegid, a specialist in management solutions for professionals in the fields of Accounting, Tax, Payroll , Human Resources, ERP and Retail, announces a new edition of Cegid Talent, its Cloud-based talent management solution. Preconfigured for quick and easy deployment in customer organizations, this new edition, called Cegid Talent Plug & Play, enables you to optimize your recruitment, training and employee performance management processes in record time.



Cegid Talent’s new Plug & Play Edition helps HR managers who want to quickly deploy state-of-the-art recruitment, training and performance management processes aligned with HR best practices, but who also want to avoid the workload and costs typically associated with implementation projects for software suites in large and mid-size organizations.

Faced with stresses on their resources and budgets in times of crisis, many HR departments are tempted to postpone or abandon the modernization of their management systems because of the cost and workload of deploying new solutions. In particular, the cost and time of having specialists review available functionalities, scope the project, as well as discuss system customizations to address customer needs, are often incompatible with the demand for simplicity and the new operational constraints of organizations.

Cegid Talent’s Plug & Play Edition offers HR departments an innovative alternative, providing them all the power of a solution designed for large and mid-size organizations, but with an operational package deployed in just a few weeks at a very competitive price.


Cegid Talent Plug & Play Edition: a ready-to-use solution that simplifies life for HR departments

Cegid Talent’s Plug & Play Edition leverages HR best practices we have observed in thousands of organizations over the last 20+ years in order to provide a ready-to-use solution that facilitates your talent management.

The solution includes a choice of three functional modules, preconfigured for effective management of your recruitment, training and employee performance management processes. Deploying a module is quick and easy thanks to a methodology designed to accelerate every stage of the process, from transferring existing data to activating the new solution. Deployment time and costs are reduced to a minimum, all the while maintaining the functional power of the solution thanks to a rich and complete standard configuration.



All essential tools for effective HR management are available from day one. If customers require new features over time, they can easily adjust and expand their solution configuration by taking advantage of the full richness of the Cegid Talent platform as well as Cegid’s expertise in payroll and HR management.

The Cegid Talent Plug & Play Edition also provides all the power and complete security of the Cegid Cloud, whether you are managing a few hundred or tens of thousands of employees.

With the new Plug & Play Edition from Cegid Talent, we’re giving HR departments the opportunity to modernize their management processes quickly and cost-effectively. While offering a complete set of functionalities for the digital transformation of your HR processes, this edition stands out for its speed of deployment and uncompromising performance,” explains Marc-André Nataf, President of Cegid Talent North America and France.

Cegid Talent’s new Plug & Play Edition complements Cegid Talent’s existing talent management solutions and is available today in Canada and France.

About Cegid

Cegid is a major player in management solutions for professionals in the fields of Accounting, Tax, Payroll and Human Resources, ERP and Retail. Drawing on its experience as a leader in SaaS management solutions, Cegid supports the digitalization of companies and public organizations. Cegid combines a forward-looking and pragmatic vision of business lines with its mastery of new technologies to provide innovative and useful solutions. With a unique mastery of regulatory issues, Cegid is committed to long-term relationships with its clients. In a fast-changing world, Cegid opens up possibilities and enables each business line to increase its added value.

Cegid has 3,000 employees and sells its solutions in 75 countries. Cegid generated revenues of €480 million in 2019. Pascal Houillon has been Chief Executive Officer since March 2017.

More information:www.cegid.com ; http://jobs.cegid.com/

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