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Shan Transforms Retail Operations With Multi-Store Yourcegid Retail Implementation

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Swimwear and apparel retailer implements Yourcegid Retail to gain business visibility, increase efficiency, and improve the customer experience


SHAN is a Canadian company whose specialty is the creation and design of unique high-end swimwear, luxury ready-to-wear clothing and accessories for men and women. SHAN has transformed its business since going live with Cegid’s retail management solution, Yourcegid Retail.

SHAN was founded in 1985. Today, the company sets itself apart with an international distribution network that spans over 25 countries and 600 prestigious retail locations, on top of 6 flagship stores in the US and Canada. In 2012, after searching for the ideal software for several years, SHAN was approached by Techni-Connection (a Cegid Value-Added Reseller) with Yourcegid Retail as a Solution.

Yourcegid Retail provides a single, centralized platform to support point-of-sale (POS), store operations, inventory and replenishment, merchandise management, customer relationship management (CRM), and reporting.

SHAN worked closely with Techni-Connection to take into account their specific needs, to personalize the Yourcegid Retail solution and implement it in North America.


Before implementing Yourcegid Retail, we had three separate databases, and data was polled once a day, which was not enough,” says YanickThériault, IT manager at SHAN. “With Yourcegid Retail, all of our stores and our head office are linked, and all data is available in real time. This enables us to much more effectively manage our business.


For SHAN, real time data is essential for optimizing inventory management. Prior to implementing Yourcegid Retail, store associates had to phone other locations to obtain information on available inventory. Now store staff can easily check, in real time, the items, colors and sizes, which are available in each location.

Yourcegid Retail’s CRM functionality has enabled SHAN to boost customer service. Store associates can view a complete history of customer purchases, allowing them to engage with the customer and offer comparable or complementary products. SHAN is now planning to personalize marketing campaigns using available customer information. Both real time data and CRM have contributed to increased profitability.

SHAN’s success has unfurled all over the world with critically acclaimed collections, faithful customers, worldwide presence, and the retail industry’s recognition.


Yourcegid Retail is changing the way we are thinking, ”Thériault concludes. “SHAN is continuously discovering new functionality and possibilities. It is a confirmation that we made the right choice.


With the help and support of Techni-Connection and Yourcegid Retail, growing the business and opening new stores will only be easier.