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Cegid Retail Store Excellence helps PVH Group save £300,000 in labour costs


Cegid Retail Store Excellence helps PVH Group save £300,000 in labour costs

PVH Group, whose brands include Calvin Klein and TOMMY HILFIGER, is one of the world’s largest fashion companies with stores in over 40 countries.

For PVH Group, spending time with the customer is extremely important for their premium brands, but their store associates were being overtasked and having to deal with multiple technologies in store.

At the Retail Technology Show 2023, Robert Newstead from PVH Group discussed how within just a few weeks Cegid Retail Store Excellence had helped its stores to save four hours a week, which is equivalent to £300,000 in labour costs. He also shared how using the technology has transformed the store associate experience.



Consolidate the number of apps your store associates are using

PVH Group was able to consolidate more than 21 applications and portals into one tablet with three applications: Cegid Retail Excellence, a workforce management tool, and an inventory management system.

Newstead explained how they limited email so that all messaging would go through Cegid Retail Store Excellence. As a result of moving everything onto the platform, they could see where hours were being spent. In fact, within the first year, they had a million touchpoints on the platform. With all their tasks and emails in one place – they could see where the pain points were and start solving them.

“The head office piece, don’t underestimate how big that was for us.” Newstead added; “Because suddenly they’re being held accountable. But also, if someone is always asking you ‘why my PO is not on the system’ – it’s a problem. Now we can group together and solve the problem and take it away for everybody.”

Streamline your in-store compliance

Cegid Retail Store Excellence also enabled PVH Group to move all their compliance checklists onto the platform so that field teams could see where any issues were and prioritise those stores. Newstead explained; “It allowed us to give the stores an ability to see compliance, but the field teams can also see compliance, so they can manage by exception.”

Helping the store teams to self-support was also a big driving factor in the implementation of Cegid Retail Store Excellence as Newstead said, “The more knowledge we can give to the teams to self-support themselves through technical, training, selling, tickets or anything – the better it is for us and for them to resolve their own problem as soon as possible.”

In speaking about how Cegid Retail Store Excellence has transformed the associate experience for PVH Group, Newstead mentioned how using a single point for all tasks and messaging has made them more aware of the need to reduce technology and comms.

Cegid Retail Store Excellence helps PVH Group save £300,000 in labour costs

Key results from the first year of adopting Cegid Retail Store Excellence

  • A million touchpoints on Cegid Retail Store Excellence because everyone was using it.
  • Two and a half thousand communications are sent
  • 67 thousand images uploaded
  • Reduced overall communications by 50%.
  • Saved four hours a week, equivalent to £300,000 of labour costs that could now be redirected elsewhere
  • 148 thousand tasks completed
  • Stores access the Cegid Retail Store Excellence homepage eight times a day

PVH Group’s strategic goal was to simplify, consolidate, and reduce tasks and technology, and create a streamlined process that was easy to use and allowed more time for consumer engagement. Thanks to Cegid Retail Store Excellence, PVH Group is better equipped to support its associates, improve performance, and build greater brand loyalty with customers.

Other brands like Hugo Boss, Superdry and Nespresso also use Cegid Retail Store Excellence, which means by optimising their associate experience, they can all deliver an exceptional consumer experience.



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