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Oberalp Group selects Cegid Retail to optimise store management processes

The Oberalp Group, founded in 1981 in Bolzano by Heiner Oberrauch to distribute high-quality sportswear and equipment in Italy, is now a global player with offices in Europe and North America.

The Oberalp Group develops, produces and sells mountain sports products under the brands Salewa, Dynafit, LaMunt, Evolv, Wild Country and Pomoca, making it the only international house of brands to specialise in a single vertical.


How to optimise store management processes: The example of Oberalp Group

Always open to new challenges and acutely focused on the environment and people, the Group stands out for its continuous innovation in terms of products, business models and customer services.

This mindset has supported rapid growth for Oberalp Group, including new store openings and diversifying its products and brands over the years.

The organisational complexity resulting from the major retail expansion that the Group has experienced in recent years necessitated the introduction of a software solution to streamline and optimise the management processes of stores located in different geographical areas.

Cegid Retail: the performance monitoring solution

The Oberalp Group found the answer to its needs in Cegid: expertise and experience is sportwear, regulatory and tax compliance, the ability to integrate omnichannel supply chains and new multi-channel shopping journeys. 

Thanks to Cegid Retail, the Oberalp Group can now count on a practical and reliable IT solution that can improve internal management processes, while offering value-added services to end consumers in 59 of its shops in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Spain.

A valuable asset to support business growth

Since the implementation of Cegid Retail, the Oberalp Group has seen a marked improvement in the management of individual shops, while enjoying access to timely information on sales in the different countries.

The company now has key insights to optimise business, production and sales strategy.

Improved knowledge of the different shops and the habits of its consumers has enabled the Oberalp Group to initiate a virtuous cycle in which the shopping experience is now more engaging and in line with the times.

” The product is no longer all that matters and digitalisation is proof of that. Knowing a customer and their tastes and offering a shopping experience that goes beyond the mere physical object is crucial today to remain competitive on the market. “

Sylvain Jauze – Director of WW Sales & International Operations Cegid

Furthermore, the ability to access a database where all data is collected and organised has proven to be particularly valuable in guiding management decisions.

” Operating in international contexts, we need to base our decisions on accurate and real-time data for each country in which we work. Cegid Retail provides us with extremely important data for merchandising and stock management. Automatic restocking has become indispensable to avoid dangerous stock shortages of strategic product groups. “

Gianluca Coneglian – Retail Director Oberalp

A forward-looking Group with strong roots

Although the Oberalp Group is now a truly international player, it maintains its values and traditions that always put the customer first.

” Companies like the Oberalp Group show how tradition and innovation can be combined to create a perfect union in which the latest technology propels tradition forward. We are extremely proud of this collaboration, which is a sign that our solutions and market vision can address the needs of important national brands and above all support them in their pursuit of international expansion. “

Sylvain Jauze – Director of WW Sales & International Operations Cegid

The increasingly engaging and personalised in-store shopping experience plays a key role for the Oberalp Group, which is why the physical stores have a dedicated customer service team offering tailored advice.

A strong customer focus and the technical expertise of its in-store staff are clear advantages for the company, which offers more than just a purely digital shopping experience.

In spite of the pandemic, the Oberalp Group is growing rapidly, as evidenced by the numerous stores opened in recent years.

In view of the current franchisees’ overwhelmingly positive experience with Cegid Retail, which includes POS, loyalty card and staff management processes, the Oberalp Group has renewed its partnership with Cegid, which will contribute to the company’s future growth.

” Cegid Retail allows us to offer our customers an increasingly multichannel shopping experience. The loyalty aspect is particularly crucial in order to satisfy the needs of modern customers, who want to be able to enjoy its benefits in an ever-growing group of shops. Cegid Retail helps us to make this experience even more seamless for end customers, who are central to all our decisions. “

Arno Hofer – Retail Marketing Manager Oberalp