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Why has Macron chosen Cegid for its digital transformation?

Founded in Bologna in 1971 as a shop that imported baseball goods from the United States to the Italian market, Macron has experienced staggering growth over the years, making it an international leader in sportswear today. With over 90 partnerships to its credit, as many clubs in major European and world sports competitions, and a network of over 160 Macron Sports Hubs, the company is continuing to grow. In the next three videos, we take a look at the reasons that led Macron to choose Cegid for the digital transformation of its stores network.

Cegid Retail supports customer experience and business growth

Accompanying athletes in their purchasing journey by making their customer experience unique and further expanding its network of shops worldwide: both are the company’s ambitious goals for its digital transformation.

To help achieve these goals, Macron chose Cegid Retail as a unified commerce platform.

The fast implementation and the functional capabilities were 2 key criteria for the brand, which wanted to best equip its stores and simplify the technical aspects related to the expansion of the Macron Sports Hubs network.

Cegid Retail: omnichannel flow management

Macron customers come into contact with the brand through a multitude of different touchpoints, moving fluidly between them: their home club, the Macron Sports Hubs and online.

Through the adoption of Cegid Retail, the company expects to be able to optimally support all flows from an omnichannel perspective, guaranteeing the best customer experience at every touchpoint and ensuring every athlete a best-in-class service at every point of sale.

Watch the video interview with Matteo Tassetti, Chief Information Officer at Macron, who recounts the Company’s story and tells us about his expectations of Cegid.

To be continued…