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How phone accessories retailer Case For You connects with omnichannel thanks to Cegid Retail

Cédric Holtzer, founder and managing director for phone accessories retailer, Case For You (C4U), shares his thoughts about how Cegid Retail has helped with the digital transformation of the business and increased efficiency after developing an omnichannel strategy.

Making the most of omnichannel without IT constraints

Case for You was set up in 2010 by French entrepreneur, Cédric Holtzer, to bring phone accessories to the masses by selling a wide range of complementary products online – for phone protection, connectivity, listening and comfort, such as smartphone cases, ear pods and portable speakers – and expanding through a number of independent retail store franchises. It’s a concept that’s proven popular with consumers at a time when smartphone sales have boomed. However, to support the company’s continued growth, it needed to strengthen its core IT and back-office systems.

“We needed to standardise IT processes in order to develop a reliable franchise network and for addressing the everyday challenges of running a retail business,” said Holtzer. “We wanted an open, cloud-based solution to accompany us in our long term strategic plans. We also wanted the peace of mind that data was always secure and that we wouldn’t have to devote lots of time and resources to managing our own IT infrastructure. Reliability and minimising costs were also important to us, allowing us to get on with our job of growing a retail enterprise.”

Retail store management at Case For You made easier with Cegid Retail

Case for You opted for the retail cloud platform Cegid Retail, working closely with Cegid consultants to better understand the capabilities of the suite of applications and adapting things as needs arose and new stores were added.

“Cegid allowed us to evolve into becoming an efficient retailer able to manage 10 to 15 stores, which is something that we couldn’t have fully comprehended when running 4 stores and our previous systems,” added Holtzer.


Time savings with Cegid Retail free up staff for concentrating on sales

With as many as 3,000 products to manage and numerous deliveries, it previously took 2 to 3 people several hours to process goods received. Now, with Cegid Retail, only one member of staff is required to quantitatively control all the packages that come in.

“Everything is handled digitally now, so anyone can look up information that’s stored centrally anytime using the Cegid Retail solution,” said Holtzer.

Time savings have also been made in after-sales services, leading to a threefold reduction in the time to address enquiries and an overall improvement in staff productivity.

“This frees up more time for our staff to concentrate on sales and advice,” he added.

Cegid Retail helps Case For You go international

The phone accessories retailer has already expanded successfully within France and has a number of new store openings in the pipeline. It now has its sights fixed on international development following the opening an eighth franchise store in Mayotte last November 2020.

“Having a cloud platform that’s already set up for international retail and multiple languages was a big reason for us going with Cegid,” concluded Holtzer.

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