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How French fashion brand Anne Fontaine is making the most from the Cegid Retail Academy’s e-learning platform ?

Interview with Cécile Carré-Paillard, European Retail Director at Anne Fontaine
The upmarket ready-to-wear womenswear brand, Anne Fontaine, turned to the Cegid Retail Academy e-learning platform. Cécile Carré-Paillard, European Retail Director at Anne Fontaine, shares with us their approach and the benefits they got from using it.

How can you offer the same training to everyone that’s relevant whilst adapted to each individual’s schedule?

Cécile Carré-Paillard, who oversees Anne Fontaine’s European retail teams in 57 stores worldwide, decided that the Cegid Retail Academy e-learning platform would answer all these needs. The brand is best known for the quality and range of its white blouses.

Continued progress

As a long-time user of Cegid Retail Colombus, Anne Fontaine recently migrated its business to the Cegid Retail Y2 suite. Since February, this means that a number of employees have been able to try out the Cegid Retail Academy e-learning platform (included as part of the cloud offer).

“Several of my colleagues and teams as well as myself, have already had access for a few weeks,” she says. “I really like the short sessions, as they are better suited to our limited availability for training.
The flexibility to stop and start – depending on what else needs doing around the store – is also better for fully understanding everything.”

Cécile Carré-Paillard – European Retail Director at Anne Fontaine

According to the Harvard Business Review, breaking down training into smaller bit-size chunks means retaining more content: on average, 25%, instead of only 10% during a typical training day.

“Online learning means that I can easily repeat something I might not have fully understood, or come back to it a few days later if something still seems confusing,” explains Carré-Paillard.

New recruits up-and-running more quickly



The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has made e-learning all the more timely, with many employees stuck at home and keen to brush up their skills on stock management or driving sales.

New recruits have also been able to quickly train themselves and get to grips with the day-to-day requirements of managing things in stores and getting successfully integrated into the company.

” New employees are more quickly operational on Cegid Retail Y2″

Catherine Torloting – Manager of Cegid Retail Academy

A perfect foundation for retail trainers

Retailers find that having all of the tools and training resources available in one place – for trainees to check out first before directing more pertinent questions at professional trainers and reviewing key points – frees up more time for trainers and makes trainings more effective.

The success of the Cegid Retail Academy e-learning platform at Anne Fontaine is encouraging them to make the service available to more people within the group and marks a real opportunity for further employee development.

It’s another sign of Retail the New Way and adapting to the new normal.

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