Talent Management

The Group SOS strengthens its employees’ engagement with Cegid Talentsoft

1st social enterprise in Europe


15 000 employees

480 structures and services in 54 countries


Group SOS has been fighting against all forms of discrimination since its creation in 1984. The group aims to provide everyone with access to the best services in education, housing, employment and medical care. By partnering with Cegid Talentsoft for its HR strategy and initiatives, the leading European social enterprise is committed to offering a high quality of life at work and professional development for its employees.


  • Encourage employees to develop their competencies and maintain their employability.
  • Provide help and support from upper management to all employees.
  • Provide employees access to efficient tools that manage employees’ career paths.
  • Attract talents and develop employee loyalty.
  • Boost innovation and employees’ involvement in the group through shared missions.
  • Maintain the group’s culture and values as a social enterprise.


  • Greater employee autonomy: skills and career path management within the Cegid Talentsoft application.
  • Boost competencies thanks to a personalised tracking of employees’ development.
  • Improved communication on HR topics between managers and employees.
  • Enhanced candidate experience with easy-to-use tools and a more collaborative approach to recruiting.
  • Stronger employee engagement (intrapreneurial projects).