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Furla selects Yourcegid Retail Y2 to support international expansion

Furla, the Italian fashion brand known for its creativity and quality, has selected Yourcegid Retail in a bid to optimize its retail management processes and provide its clients with a unique shopping experience as it continues to expand the business, particularly overseas.


The project started in Europe for a total of more than 340 stores equipped with Yourcegid Retail Y2, Cegid’s new omnichannel solution that will better manage all its sales channels, have a greater understanding of its customers and centralize control and visibility of the business through a single solution.


Founded in Bologna, Italy in 1927, Furla is one of the most important “Made in Italy” brands in the fashion ecosystem that has managed to establish itself internationally by offering 100% Italian design. Since its creation, the company has created and distributed high-quality and elegant bags, footwear and accessories. As a key player in the global fashion market, Furla continuously promotes and increasingly enhances its brand in international markets from its headquarters in Bologna. From London to Tokyo, from New York to Singapore, Furla brings authentic Italian style, natural elegance, research and creativity.


A leading international and innovative solution

In order to support its rapid growth across several international markets, all very different from one another, Furla needed to centralize its retail and merchandising activities, with a single centralized database, while still maintaining its strong attention to local needs in terms of store management, customer loyalty programs and local tax procedures.


Furla needed a solid and future-proof international technology partner and an all-encompassing, innovative retail solution. After studying the solutions available on the market, the company chose Yourcegid Retail Y2, the omnichannel software that allows retailers to manage their activities and customers in real-time across multiple channels – something extremely important for today’s connected retail customer. The project covered two main areas: store management and loyalty.


In fashion retail, from luxury to premium services, knowing the clients and creating a strong relationship with them is key. Using a system that allows us to centrally manage all our stores across the world, while taking into account all the regional differences, has allowed us to significantly improve the shopping experience in our stores, as part of our commitment to providing unparalleled customer service worldwide.” said Eraldo Poletto CEO at Furla.


This is made possible thanks to a centralized, cloud-based database that provides accurate, real-time data on sales, stocks and customers and a real “clienteling” strategy, in order to improve and support the brand’s strategic decisions for the future.


Yourcegid Retail Y2 is the retail solution able to support Furla in its international development thanks to its specific procedures and requirements for each region and simplicity in usage: these are they key elements of the worldwide project that is expecting to grow more thanks to the good results achieved so far.


Added value and benefits

Furla can now rely on a solution that perfectly matches its store management, CRM, merchandising and inventory management needs. Being cloud-based means that it can get the most out of its infrastructure, with continual contact via centralized servers, thus reducing hardware and maintenance expenses. Another benefit of the Yourcegid Retail Y2 system is that it is localized for each country (language, tax regulations, credit card payments etc.), so it handles any specific procedures and requirements for each region.


To ensure real-time data exchange on stocks and sales, wherever in the world our customers are, requires four internationally located servers,” said Eraldo Poletto, CEO at Furla. “Thanks to Yourcegid Retail Y2, we are able to manage all our channels – stores, franchisee and outlets – through only one system and provide our customers with a holistic shopping experience.”